Eureka Atom 60 long term increase in grind time

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#1: Post by ctcampbell »

I have a Eureka Atom (60 in today's line up), bought around early 2017, and have noticed a gradual increase in the time it takes to grind my 19g dose. When I first got it that would be about 10s (which matches what Eureka claim on their website), now it's easily 15s. I haven't changed coffee to anything wild and it pretty much requires that time no matter the coffee anyway. I know the burrs could be blunted but I was under the impression that for a 3/4 espresso-a-day user it would take a couple of decades to reach the end-of-life of my burrs. Am I doing something wrong?

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#2: Post by guijan12 »

Mine takes 13,5 seconds for 14 grams of espresso grind.
This has not changed significately in the oast years.
Grinding time depends on beans, freshness of the beans and of course coarseness of the grind.

I haven't checked the sharpness of the burrs, lately, but that would not be too difficult, would it?
Take the burrs out and check on wear and tear, and check sharpness with a nail.