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Baratza mentioned coming out with a commercial version of the Sette, like the Forte version of the Vario. Maybe this is it?
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I doubt it. This one is much bigger in size. The Forte equals the Vario in size.

So still room for a forte Sette :roll:

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#13: Post by Alan762 »

After shopping for a grinder for the last year I decided to go with the Sette270, arriving Tuesday.
Like everyone said, I see this design as a real game changer and didn't want to drop 1K on a soon to be obsolete design.
If it is under or around 1K I might eventually upgrade.

But, I do give the etzMAX the Ugly Grinder award for 2017.
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As co-owner of Baratza and the creator of the Sette (with lots of help!) I wanted to weigh in on some of the comments and speculation around the Etzmax grinder in hopes of setting the record straight. Baratza and Etzinger have been working together very closely for almost 8 years to bring to market the Sette (for Baratza) and the Etzmax (for Etzinger). Christian Etzinger has been working on the "Hotmill" grinding technology for over 10 years! While the grinding technique and process in the Sette and Etzmax are the same, the mechanism is totally different. (Sette is a horizontal motor & pinion/crown gear drive, and the Etzmax is a vertical motor and belt drive in a totally unique mechanical housing) We use different DC motors as well. The burrs are the same size, but the tooth geometry is quite different between the two grinders resulting in different grind performance. The Etzmax uses the Sette front display, but the main power board is unique to each model. Our weight based models both share the same acaia weighing technology, though the Etzmax has totally different porta-filter support. Wherever useful we share parts to maximize use of tooling investments (I.e the hopper-stopper handle, display panel, grind adjust collar). We have a close and very cooperative relationship between our two companies. The Etzmax is targeted to be a "professional" grinder. It is all metal construction, much bigger and heavier (about 3X) than the Sette. Christian is a brilliant engineer and we are lucky to benefit from his genius. We wish him well as he embarks on his new journey with a complete professional coffee grinder (vs. burrs only).

I hope this answers some of the questions and speculation that has been floating around.
Regards, Kyle Anderson
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#15: Post by RockyIII »


Thank you for the detailed information. I look forward to reading reviews of the new grinder after its release.


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Thanks Kyle for this elaboration answering questions that had arisen here. Great to read about these developments like this!

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Thanks for the comment Kyle! The construction of these grinders is truly innovative and intriguing indeed, however the reliability of the Sette was a bit worrying, based on the number of reports with issues as well as looking at the plastic gears inside. Glad to hear that you used a different approach to the outer burr movement. I also like the modular design. The Etzmax will surely make its way to cafés.
I also like the easiness of cleaning, very important in commercial setting.
Wish you success!

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Two screws next to the ring are interesting. Wondering if for making some type of adjustment to the burr carrier.

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From the FB page:

In the flesh photo's!

Also a black version:

RING life-time test .. 250kg later..still going strong and ready for another 250

These burss definitely look different than those of the Sette which I've seen often.

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Nice, wonder about the noise of these. The design is very 70's :)