Espresso vs mokka grind setting difference for Baratza Sette

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I grind my current beans (monsoon malabar arabica) on macro setting 6 on my Baratza. How much should I dial back for mokka? Tried with +2 macro steps today, will increase some more tomorrow. Problem is coffee is expensive and I have limited amount of caffeine I can ingest before getting jiggery.

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The manual for a Sette 270 gives starting points of 3-9 for espresso, 10-15 for Aeropress, 13-18 for V60. is another resource that suggests that the grind for moka pot is similar to fine Aeropress or V60.

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thanks. wasn't aware the ranges are so wide.

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While you can buy coffee preground specifically for moka pots the truth is that you need to dial it in just like espresso. The best grind is the one that works best for you with the coffee you're using in your pot. Emphasis on the "for you" part since people use moka pots in different ways and end up preferring different grinds. Your ideal grind could be anywhere from espresso grind to drip. But typically it's something a little coarser than espresso.

I'll add that if you want to avoid wasting coffee throw away your moka pot. :-)
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