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Please name an inexpensive hobby :wink:


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Bird watching? :roll:

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Looked at the cost of good glass lately :shock:
The missus' Swarovski's cost more than the Vibiemme Domobar Super HX and Macap MKX combined...

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cafeIKE wrote:Not a good idea. Press pot requires a different grind distribution than espresso. When you go from coarse to espresso there will be leftover coarse coffee in the grinder that will end up in your shot. Save up and get a dedicated press grinder. It will make your press coffee better and espresso making less frustrating.
Balderdash! Rocky can be used quite safely and effectively back and forth between press and espresso or whatever, been doing it for over 8 years. With previously mentioned caveats of not adjusting finer with beans in hopper while grinder not running. However, that is not an issue for me since always only put beans in for particular brewing, whether it be a single shot or vac or press etc. Residual grinds isn't an issue either with click-clack for hopper bellows combined with brushing chute and of course doser aka grinds dispenser tape mod for clean sweep assisted by brushing.

That said if I had more counter space I would have a second grinder on the counter and Rocky would not be the primary espresso grinder.
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I've had my rocky doserless lockup like mentioned when trying to go from press pot to espresso. I also think it was beans jamming up the motor.

After loosening the grind and getting all the beans out and readjusting, the motor was fine. Now I try to measure out per usage so I can adjust without beans in it. Like someone said, why risk having different finesses of grinds in whatever your making anyways.