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Hi all,

I received a very nice reply from Federico Fregnan at Elektra regarding the new grinder. I assume it's ok to post this information, as it will generate some buzz.

Description as it currently stands (sorry for the bad formatting):

"Elektra NINO" coffee grinder controls

Technical/Functional Specifications

Rev. 0 dated 21/02/05
Rev. 1 dated 09/06/06
Rev. 2 dated 31/10/06
General features

The card controls the coffee grinder motor unit by programmed timing.

Grinding duration is set by pressing the "Single Dose" or "Double Dose" button, while grinding start up is controlled by the microswitch.

Grinding will start upon pressing the "filter carrier on" microswitch.

To display

1. programming parameters
2. alarms
3. dose counters

the machine uses a 2 line, 16 character LC display

The grinding process is shown in 0.1 sec steps on a 25.5 sec scale.

The motor is controlled by a 16 A triac relay.

The relay may be replaced by a static relay positioned outside the card.

Functional features

* As you switch the coffee grinder on, the following message will appear on the display:

"Ver. X.X"

and, after 2 sec,



* Press the "Single Dose" or "Double Dose" button to select the relative grinding time.

The machine is set on "single dose" as default choice.

* To start off grinding, close the "filter carrier on" microswitch (by placing the filter carrier in its proper lodgement).

During grinding, the display will show the message: "Single Dose"

Or "Double Dose"

to stay on throughout the grinding process.

Five seconds after grinding has stopped, the display will again show:

"Grinder Ready"

Language programming

The display can be programmed to use the English language.

To access this function, switch on the card by keeping the "Single Dose" and "Double Dose" buttons pressed for at least 3 seconds.

The display will show: Italiano

Press the "Single Dose" button again to display: English

To confirm, just switch the card off and on again.

To program grinding times, proceed as follows:

Switch on the machine by pressing the "Single Dose" button and keep it pressed for at least 5 seconds.

The display will show: Prog T. sin.


The LED associated with the "Single Dose" button will light up to indicate that programming is on.

The "Single Dose" and "Double Dose" buttons can now be used as increase and decrease buttons.

Change the value as you wish and confirm by pressing the two buttons together.

You will automatically be taken to grinding time programming for double dose coffee.

The display will show: Prog T.doub.


Change the preset value using the "Single Dose" (+) or "Double Dose" (-) button, and confirm by pressing the two buttons together as before.

Pressing the two buttons together a second time will take you out of programming.

Counter display

Dose counters can be displayed or zeroed by switching on the grinder with the "Double Dose" button pressed for 10 seconds.

The display will show: Res. sin.?


If you press the "Double Dose" button, the display will show: "Confirm"

Pressing the "Double Dose" button a second time will zero the counter.

If you need to only display the counter, wait for the 5 sec time out to expire, which will cause the "Confirm" message to disappear.

The same procedure can be applied to the double dose counter by pressing the "Single Dose" button.

The display will show: Res.doub.?


If you press the "Double Dose" button the display will show "Confirm"

Pressing the "Double Dose" button again will zero the counter.

If you need to only display the counter, wait for the 5 sec time out to expire, which will cause the "Confirm" message to disappear.

Pressing the "Single Dose" button will end the procedure, allowing service to be resumed.

A control is provided for the "filter carrier on" microswitch.

If the microswitch is closed when the machine is turned on, the display will show the message:
Doser out of order

and the grinder will be irreversibly blocked.

A micro switch check is also carried out 5 sec after grinding has ended.

If the micro switch appears to be closed after the 5 sec time out, the same message will come up on the display and the grinder will be irreversibly blocked.

For service to be resumed, restore micro switch function and switch the grinder off and on again.

All components are validated according to UL/VDE/CSA.

The card complies with the CEI 61-150 regulation (EN 60 335-1 European Regulation) governing the safety of household appliances and similar machines.

It also complies with the European directive on EMC (electromagnetic compatibility).

Working temperature is between 0°C and 70°C.

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This is a very interesting grinder. I see no reference to operating the grinder in continuous grind mode? Or will the grinding stop if you just pull the portafilter out?



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...split/merged from Compak K-10 grinder, availability, opinions? by moderator...

Since people on this thread are weighing grinder purchase options any further word on the Nino per this HB post ? : Elektra Nino Grinder

Price may be close to the Compak WBC...

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Team HB

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I heard that there were some issues with the grinder. I would be surprised if it hit the market this year, if at all.
Dave Stephens


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I know Dave, I've heard the same rumors- which is why I asked about it. (BTW, thanks Dan for moving my question to it's own thread).

It struck me as curious that it would be scrapped (maybe, maybe) when a real live one was featured at SCAA. Again, totally rumor mill but maybe the infamous UL rating or some such thing. Time will tell. Oh well, I thought one would sit so nicely with my A3... :cry:


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I first saw a sneak of the first prototype in October, 2005 at the Elektra plant. They were very hush-hush about this special project and would not reveal any details.

The grinder was available at the SCAA show in May, 2007 at Long Beach, Calif. It was well hidden and it was not being promoted because they were still perfecting it. In fact, I tried to buy the one unit there, and they would not sell it.

Fast forward to today, and 1st-line has 2 units on order. However, there is no ETA. Pricing will prolly be $2k+. IIRC, this grinder has a cooling fan built into the back side.
Jim Piccinich
1st-line Equipment, LLC


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I'll keep my fingers crossed Jim!

I was about to buy a Robur last summer to play with but then I read Mark's post on CG:
( https://www.coffeegeek.com/opinions/sho ... 2007/15:40 ) and decided to hold off thinking this new Elektra might be even more interesting yet. If it's vaporware, then maybe I'll go ahead with a Robur after all and see how it stacks up against my Major (which won out over my Mini E, SJ and Kony).

That doserless chute on the Nino really intrigues me though... Hmmm, maybe I'll wait a little longer as I've already got quite a grinder collection now sitting idle on my basement shelves-

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Team HB

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Sounds hopeful. It looks, and sounds like a slick grinder if they get all of their issues resolved. That price point puts the Robur square in its sights. I do not recall if it had flat or conical burrs.
Dave Stephens


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From the CG link above: "This grinder has several patents - some which apply to the transfer of coffee from the conical burrs inside, spinning at only 500 rpms. Some apply to another kick ass feature - a built in automated fan hooked up to temperature sensors to keep the motor almost frigid (I couldn't hear the fan, but felt its vibrations). The key patents involve one key thing - no coffee left behind. The chute is like glass for coffee - it just slides - no residue, no clumping, no oily stuff gumming up the works. Serious work into static, "anti static", and making coffee move along metal as if it were a puck going along ice... all of this went into the engineering of this grinder. And it works."


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It was in Minneapolis at the SCAA, again, not promoted heavily. But I got to use it a couple of times in the booth and it's a freaking awesome performer as well as being beautiful to look at (not to mention solid at 70+ lbs.). I pulled a half dozen shots, not a single stray grind and no visible clumps - similar to the powdered snow of an Anfim. They told me that the MSRP was $2300. It's being sold now by 1st Line.

We're hoping to get one in our shop by the end of the year unless we hear about some bad experiences between now and then.
Crazy Mocha
Pittsburgh, PA