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Hey Guys,

well, the Elektra guys had asked and I had to promise not to disclose any details of their setup / design and I think it is fair to keep my word. When opening the Nino you'll get an idea of the design / approach, no rocket science but smart. In my quick & dirty video on YouTube each grinder had produced approx. 14 grams +/-. My grinding times are in line with Theodores. The Nino is a tank, the heaviest of all three grinders - it could have been built in Germany.

- Malte

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shadowfax wrote:I'll be opening mine up for myself when it comes tomorrow
Well, has it arrived!!??

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michaelbenis wrote:I drink around 6-8 a day, most days, with my wife having her own arrangements (Illy preground and Moka pot) and only sometimes concocting for her, or friends or our son.
Really? I just wondered, is this a common arrangement? I mean, at my girlfriend's house they have lavazza preground, but I seem to have stopped that sort of thing at our place. If my girlfriend wants coffee (which is rare), she'll ask me to grind some. The only pre-ground we've had in the house, all 2009, was a small sample sent to us by a roaster. (which was nice, but why did it have to be preground? :o ).

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It's a self-sufficiency thing on the grinding, especially when I only had hand grinders.

That said, I have recently been more successful in getting her to try my SOs in her moka. This leads her to occasionally hand me an empty Illy tin with the command to fill it up. If she's lucky I give her enough to last the day. I work from home, so I can grid fresh whenever she likes but she doesn't like to ask. It's a self-sufficiency thing. She is Italian. Sorry, correction: Sardinian...

She has also threatened to grind herself a tinful herself. She is convinced I am being stingy with the coffee rather than wanting her to drink it freshly-ground.

Life is always fun in our house :roll:
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gyro wrote:Well, has it arrived!!??
I think Nicholas is too busy playing with the new toy to reply. I know I would be!!

Either that or he's trying to get a 220 line to turn the thing on!

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Sadly, a 220V line isn't in the cards in the near future, so I got a transformer rated for 1500W. That seems to be working pretty well. Anyway, I have a few first impressions, but I'm going to try to get my head around the grinder before I go on about it too terribly much. It's certainly quite obvious that it holds just a tiny bit of grinds compared to the Robur (or any other big Mazzer), both in terms of its grind chamber and its exit chute. I am extremely skeptical of comments that it only holds 0.5 grams, but I'm pretty sure it's less than 4 grams, which is quite decent, especially considering that the size of the chute is paired with the speed of the thing--I expect purging about 4-5 grams will clear the thing almost completely.

Here's the business end of the grinder; the top burr fits into the chamber flush, i.e. the chamber is essentially as narrow as it could be in terms of radius. The sweepers are also much shorter than my Robur's. There's a ton of polished metal all over the place...

And it has 6 sweepers rather than the average grinder's 3. That's interesting.

You can find my first few pictures of the grinder in the flickr set that I've made for it... more to come soon, no doubt. I'll probably start a new thread on the Nino when I'm ready, as It's more appropriate, I think, to keep this thread on topic...
Nicholas Lundgaard

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Thanks, Nicholas.

I very much look forward to reading your findings.

Have fun!
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I can not even find for sale in USA. I did see one down under for $4000 AUS :shock:

[edit] Firstline for $3000 USD :o
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I have bought mine,for Euros 1800.00,(VAT,and postage to Greece, included),from Espressocoffeeshop in Italy.Very good shop.
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You can probably get for even less from http://www.coffeeitalia.co.uk/products.php?cat=16

They are actually based just round the corner from Elektra and offer great service in my experience.

Now lets see who cracks and buys one before Nicholas has finished his write-up :-)


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