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Trying to correct the not very fine coffee problem of the Nino,I called a friend,who is technician,to have a look on it.
He opened the rear aluminum plate,and cleaned all over.He took off a bolt to permit the grinder go to finer results also.
Then,we tried to have the coffee I need,but we saw that coffee was a disaster,with abnormal flow,many rocks of coffee on,and half the dose I had with the same time passed.
We opened again,and we saw that coffee, was pressed and stacked all over,even in the inclined road ,likenI had put glue in it.
Now,I wait for another technician to have. look hoping for the best.
If from the other hand,some guy from you,can help,he is welcome.
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icke wrote:some time ago i had to start going finer and finer with the grinding. grind time increased quite a bit too. initially it took around 3.5 - max 4 seconds for about 18g. now it's up to almost 7 seconds and the burrs are almost touching... mouthfeel and flavor are quite a bit off too. coffee tastes harsh but still does produce good crema.

so i opened the nino up and this time managed to remove the bottom burr too. there is that brass disk with the sweeping vanes sitting underneath the bottom burr. the underside of that disk was to about 2/3 covered with a tight layer of coffee. after cleaning it all and putting it back together i have now better tasting results but the grind times haven't changed really.

so i'm wondering if something has happened to the burrs and if they perhaps need replacing? i can't see anything obvious but someone else might have more experience?

in case i need replacements, does anybody know where to best get those burrs from in europe?


responding to my own old rather old post...

i finally gave in and ordered n new set of burrs and it makes a huge difference.

grind times for 18g came down from 4.5 - 5 seconds to 3.3 - 3.7 seconds and my extractions are way better now even though those new burrs are clearly not broken in yet. i just ground 2 kg of cheap stuff from a local roaster through it for at least a bit of a break in before trying some real coffee. that cheap stuff which allegedly was 'fresh' was yet another reminder to me why i'd become a home roaster. it was impossible to grind this stuff fine enough to get a decent extraction going with it. 18 - 19 g in the basket with the grinder set so fine that after two doubles at that setting it would just jam the grinder and still i was getting total gushers with plenty of spritzing left right and center. once i changed over to my own roast all is working fine now.

taste wise i can see quite a difference too. so i suspect that the old burr set must either have touched while running, grinding itself down a bit (is that possible at all?) or that i might have ground a piece of rock together with some beans without really noticing it.
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Glad you got it worked out!

Still no firmware for pulse grinding or the ability to set a button to less than 1.0s eh? Id settle for .5s

I cant tell you the number of times I've hit 15-16.5 when I was trying to hit 18g and then had to waste coffee because hitting the single dose at 1.0s put me well into 20g.

Sometimes I will be quick with the off button as someone mentioned previously in the thread, but you have to wonder how good that is for the machine to get it grinding away and then just shut it down mid grind.

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#594: Post by 4000ft »

Pulse grinding modification:

WARNING: Modifying electronic equipment may lead to injury or death. No part of this post is to be attempted by unqualified persons. The life expectancy of your motor and microswitch may substantially decrease.

Parts required:

Step 1. Disable microswitch activation of the timed dosing through the menu.

Step 2. Unplug the white microswitch female connections and the two brown wires from the control box, use the piggyback adapters to join a white female to each brown female, and plug them into the positions where the browns females where originally.

Like so:

Pulse grinding with microswitch: