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Theodore, thanks for the pix. Love that PF holder!
It's a beautiful grinder.
Please fill us in regarding clumping issues, static, etc. And of course, TASTE!!
Obviously, if it's dry there now, that would have to be considered as to static.
Here in TN, USA we could lease a BMW for 1/2 a year for the cost of that thing! :lol:
Seriously, enjoy, and keep us posted.
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That thing is a real beast!
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Thanks for the photos, its certainly solid! I look forward to hearing your thoughts on it once you put it to use.

Was there anything in particular that swayed you towards the Elektra over the Robur E? I understand they are almost exactly the same price in Europe. They are my two contenders for a new grinder (hopefully) in the new year.

Cheers, Chris


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Hey Chris,

I can add some thoughts/observations - as you may know, I have both of them. The Robur E and the Elektra Nino, felt in love with that grinder during WBC in Kopenhagen. While the Robur E produces a very compact output, which just need a soft tamping, the Nino is completely different. The output is very fluffy and requires some serious tamping. There is no clumping at all, on both grinders. The Nino seems to be a little bit faster. In terms of quality, honestly I cannot taste any difference.

The Nino would look great next to your Speedster !!!

- Malte


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I have this several days, but I had not my Techno, because I had sent this for a service.So,I have just begin to test the grinder for two days only.
First impressions, dosing and distributing, perfect,as Malte says.
I understand, how good is my Techno, for the first time.(I have it for 7 years).
Body,aroma,aftertaste,no bitter at all.And all with the same, not first quality coffee, I buy green from a local seller,at Euros 10/Kg.
As for the serious tamping, which Malte says,I tamp with my Macap CPS tamper, and it is very good.
Keep in touch,for more details.
Greetings from Athens,
PS1.As you understand, I have increased coffee consumption these days.
PS2.I saw the power, of the grinder, which is not written in the manual, but underside of the machine.It is a fat 900w.
PS3.Today, it is difficult to post,because pages, come veeery slow.
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Thanks Theodore,

Look forward to any other thoughts and observations you have once you have a little more time with it.

Happy NY!


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Moderator note: Discussion of the Elektra Nino stemming from Minimizing Waste and Static on Large Commercial Grinders has been merged to this topic. See the original thread for context.


as you might be aware, I own both grinders, the Robur E and the Elektra Nino. It is hard to identify any differences regarding taste, however I would put the Nino above the Robur E in terms of handling. The output of the Nino is amazing, very fluffy and no clumping at all. And it is true what Theodore has written before, the remaining beans are less than 1/2 gram. I have talked extensively to the Elektra guys at Kopenhagen last year and they have explained their different construction approach. I made a quick video for my friends at Kaffee Netz (the German coffee board), showing the Robur, Nino and Casadio:
- Malte

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Hi Malte,

Thanks for linking the video. The Nino does look very nice and I hope you're enjoying the Speedster! Out of interest, what are your grind time settings on the Nino and ROBUR-E, and what weight of coffee does each yield for the given setting? I assume you are on 50Hz as well over there?

Cheers, Chris


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From the Nino ,I have 2.8sec,for 14g,and 3.8sec,for 19+g.
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I am curious if you could describe the fruits of your discussions with the people from Elektra--how they've made the grinder so clean. I am sure I'll be opening mine up for myself when it comes tomorrow, but I'm especially curious about anything you know that might not be apparent from opening up the burr chamber. From my experience with the Baratza Vario I've seen some pretty cool solutions to minimizing the grind path (in a nutshell, making it much narrower) and hence extremely low grind retention. That works exceptionally well for a slow grinder (~1.2-1.3 grams per second at espresso grind) like the Vario, but I can imagine it being problematic for a faster grinder.

That said, the Mahlkönig K30 has a pretty small grind chamber and narrow chute (the one that feeds into the vertical chute that guides the grinds into the portafilter), and grinds easily as fast as the Nino/Robur. There's certainly a lot of room for creative solutions when it comes to designing grinders that deliver a good distribution of coffee into the portafilter with a minimum of waste (retention) and mess, and I hope that companies working toward those designs get the spotlight they deserve for that effort.

I just noticed this over the weekend, from Kaffee-Netz... Another home user with a Nino (via Google Translate).
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