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#171: Post by Lockman »

Wow! :o Even inside she's beautiful!

Great photo's Nick! Yeah, a red narra lid would be amazing.

Do you think that long exit path helps with the grind? :?:
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#172: Post by shadowfax »

Nah, I think that the path is designed to direct the flow of the coffee into the basket with no accumulation of coffee, and that's it. Seems that the flap is the main thing that prevents clumping.
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#173: Post by michaelbenis »

Seems that the flap is the main thing that prevents clumping
and static...


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#174: Post by cannonfodder »

shadowfax wrote:Thanks, I forgot to mention that. I cut it down with a Dremel and evened it out with some serious sanding and sweat. Supposedly in the future it will have a matching figured red narra lid. For now, I've stolen one of my wife's Corningware lids. :lol:
In time. The workshop is in the moving companies storage warehouse in jersey. Couple months and it will be in the new workshop and I can do more work. :wink:
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#175: Post by wogaut »

A few pages earlier it was suggested that the hopper interlock looks a lot like the one from the Mahlkoenig K30 and they have a shorter hopper. Has this been confirmed by anyone yet (I mean by actually putting a K30 hopper on the Nino)?


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#176: Post by networkcrasher »

I took the "mini" hopper off of my K30 and tried to put it on the Nino, but it won't fit. It will fit with a tiny modification that involves some sandpaper and a flat surface, but a modification nonetheless.

Basically you need to shorten the bottom part of the interlock as the hopper won't twist to lock in as the throat on the Nino isn't quite as deep as the one on the K30.


#177: Post by wogaut »

That sounds like a mod I could live with.
How much bean weight does the small hopper hold? I couldn't find any info on it.

Thanks much,

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#178: Post by networkcrasher »

2lbs or so, I think.

There's a K30 thread that talks about it somewhere... something like "I love my max hybrid, but now I have a K30" or something.


#179: Post by wogaut »

Wow, impressive memory; just put that phrase and "hopper size" into Google and got the answer:
I love my Cimbali Max Hybrid, but . . . I got a "new" Mahlkönig Vario
1lbs (of course one can fit some more taking the throat length into account).
Just right for a bag of coffee.

Thanks networkcrasher!


#180: Post by Lockman »

Hi Wolfgang,
I think it is more than that. I just put a 1/2 pound in with the throat full it is still less than half full and the hopper has more capacity as it gets taller. I think closer to 2 pounds full with empty throat but I rarely roast more than a pound at a time (half pound these days).
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