Elektra Nino grinder conversion to doserless

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#1: Post by Theodore »

As I am tired trying to take all the ground coffee off the grinder (an old "illness"), I think if it is possible to find bellows to make Nino one dose grinder. I hope the air will push coffee out.
What do you think?
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#2: Post by erik82 »

Big conical grinders in general aren't suited for singledosing. The conical grind path makes it very hard to get everything out. You can probably improve it a bit but it'll never really work.

You'll be better off selling the Nino and buying a singledose big conical burr grinder. There's enough choice in that category.

Theodore (original poster)

#3: Post by Theodore (original poster) »

Thank you for your response.
How much can I demand for this?New burrs and capacitors.Also,can you suggest some grinders to choose?
Thank you again,
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#4: Post by Mayhem »

Umm, the Nino is already a doserless grinder. It just isn't suitable for single dosing, which is not the same thing. Tons of grinders to choose from today if looking for one specifically for single dosing, just browse the grinder section of the forum... Kafatek Monolith series, Option-O Lagom series, Chinese DF## clones, etc....

I just sold my Nino but at least here in Sweden the market for non single dosing grinders seems to be completely dead. Originally asked for 8000 SEK, which at today's poor exchange rates is only €740 EUR, but had to keep lowering the price over weeks/months until it finally sold at only 4500 SEK / €415 EUR.
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#5: Post by sebs »

Good morning Mayhem,

in case you decide to sell I might be interested!