Electric equivalent of 1Zpresso JMAX?

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#1: Post by Leopoldo95 »

For the past year, I've been using the 1ZPresso JMAX grinder and have been pleased with its grind quality.

However, the manual grinding process has begun to feel cumbersome. In my quest for a solution, I've come across mixed reviews for electric grinders under $300.

I'm interested in recommendations for an affordable electric grinder that can match the quality of the 1ZPresso JMAX while offering the convenience of automated grinding.

Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.

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#2: Post by Jeff »

I'd suggest the Option-O Lagom Mini if within budget. If more than you want to spend, I've read of people using relatively inexpensive, electric screwdrivers to drive the 1Zpresso hex shaft.

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#3: Post by buckersss »

Because you like 1zpresso would consider this if it's in your budget. Sounds like you'd know what you are getting.

1Zpresso + electricity = the new Femobook?


#4: Post by AnotherADDiction »

I always use a cordless drill on my 1zpresso. Cheap and easy and works great (1/4 inch bit I believe)