EK43 + RDT ?

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I'm using a EK43 which I clamp a dosing cup to when I grind. The machine produce alot of static so I was thinking of starting to use RDT. I'm concerned it might cause the burrs to rust and/or corrode. What do you think? Any experiences?


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I received my EK43S a couple of days ago. I use the same technique as you; however, I would be worried of using RDT due to burrs rust. All single dose grinders exhibit static, and the EK43S is no different.


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I don't RDT with mine as a little static is no real problem for me. However if you use it without for a while so you're sure the burrs get covered with coffee oils and you don't go through a lot of coffee everyday it should be fine. It's a small amount of water (I'd use distilled as it doesn't add minerals or go bad) and a lot of dry beans in the mix. But I just don't like doing it with any of my grinders even if it's supposed to be fine :wink:


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If you do go with RDT do it as little as possible (IMHO), for example with the tea spoon trick; wet the handle of the spoon and stir the beans with it. That's quite enough to reduce static (or make the fines stick to bigger particles?) by quite a lot. Not sure if using a spray bottle would introduce more water but I'd personally be careful about it. Also I think the situation may change also with the burrs getting seasoned, and different beans behave different, and also your ambient temperature and humidity play their role so you'll just have to try things out.

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On my new grinder, about 4 lbs, the difference in RDT and no RDT is noticeable, funny, I can grind straight in the portafilter. However, I will be refraining from spraying the beans, out of abundance of caution as the sprayer puts too much water out.