Dropped New 1Zpresso JMax - Burr is Seized

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I used my 1Zpresso for the first time. Ground some beans, took the handle off, set it down and it rolled off the counter to our wood floor. No evident surface damage but the burrs are seized (handle will not turn the burrs). Has anyone had this kind of experience? Any tried and true solution suggestions?

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Has never happened to me but my first inclination would be to take it apart and get a better look at what is going on internally.

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Yeah, I don't think there's going to be a single "tried and true" answer here. You're going to need to disassemble the grinder, looking at everything repeatedly along the way, and diagnose whether something has been damaged.

Best case would seem to be it tightened down on its own as a result of the fall, but nothing was actually damaged. All you would need to do is re-zero and you should be good to go.

Worst case, something was damaged and has pushed the grind assembly so far out of tolerance the burrs are seized and you're going to need to send it back to 1Zpresso for repair or buy a new grinder.