Dosing portafilter tips for Baratza Vario-W?

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Crazy question.
I have a baratza vario-w grinder and the Olympia Cremina espresso machine.
Here is my problem. Is there a simple way to get grinds from the grinder to the portafilter?
The vario-w basket is weirdly shaped and it is a pita
Any suggestions?

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If you put a funnel on your portafilter it will make it a lot easier. Orphan espresso has one: ... _2540.html I'm sure there are others out there.

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Yeah, the Vario-W weighing function requires the catch bin (versus the Sette that can weigh directly from the portafilter). That makes for an awkward transfer from bin to portafilter. You can use a funnel as Jeff suggests, or preweigh and grind until empty directly into the funnel/basket without the bin in place.
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I too use the Vario W for my 49mm baskets. A pour from the 'oval' grinds bin into a basket with a funnel works well. I actually use two funnels as the lower one is pass-through for the tamper. Handling the Vario grinds bin is an acquired skill. I pour from one of the corners.
But... I tried initially to grind directly into the basket and funnels. I used a spacer to bring the funnel closer to the grinder output chute.
Coffee grinds all over the counter! I didn't like the cleanup time.
Is this 'feature' something that other Vario users just accept?


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Thanks. I might look into funnels.
I had the sette. Disaster. Kept breaking and they replaced but could not stay in one piece