Doge 83 - help to set fine/coarse

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Hi to all,

I am trying to dial in a Doge 83 which I am using until my other grinder gets repaired and serviced (this may take some time due to availability of parts unfortunately).

I cannot find any manual for this grinder (great if someone has a copy pls!) and am confused in interpreting the markings on the adjustment ring. The markings state GROSSA on one side and FINE on the other side. I presume I would need to turn the adjuster towards these words. However then the arrows next to these words indicate to turn the adjuster the other way. Since this is on loan, and I do not want to cause any damage, I wonder if someone can shed some light on this by advising simply...turn clockwise for grossa/fine...that would be just enough so that I can get a 1oz shot at 25 seconds.

Any input appreciated.

Thanks to all.


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Seems you are allergic to the grinders :lol:
Joke apart, turn clockwise for coarse/GROSSA and counterclockwise for fine/FINE, but if the grinder is full of beans, before to turn for FINE you have to activate the grinder otherwise the regulation wheel will not turn due to there are beans between the burrs.

emann (original poster)

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:D what would I do without you Gampiero!!! :D :D

thanks a lot for this - better ask rather than ruin another grinder.