Does grind setting matter when seasoning burrs?

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Hi folks, I have had my Niche for a couple months, and until recently I was not familiar with this concept of seasoning. I am certainly a big coffee fan but I only have it a couple times a week because I try to not overdo my caffeine intake since I already take a stimulant for ADHD, and I have only probably run maybe 3 and a half pounds through my grinder. I have seen a lot online about seasoning, and for some reason I have seen almost no mentions of grind size during the process. If you have it super extremely coarse, where its not doing much more than breaking the beans in half, I feel like this would not do much. So what is the ideal size? Should it be like a fine filter? French Press? Fine as possible? Any help is appreciated.
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With a finer setting the burrs will get more contact time with the same amount of beans. Makes sense that finer would be better.