Ditting K804 Lab Sweet burrs experience

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[I tried commenting on the Ditting 804 LAB SWEET burrs thread, but it's too old i guess]

I wanted to share my recent experience with adding Lab Sweet burrs to my 804 grinder.

In short, the experience has been awesome. I probably have not had espresso this good from any other grinder. My current grinder is a niche zero, and I've had a Monolith Flat and Versalab M3. The level of sweetness that I'm getting from shots is something on a whole new level for me. Almost all shots taste very good now, it seems that there's just a much larger window of goodness with this grinder.

The challenge with espresso has been dial-in and retention. The retention isn't perfect even with RDT. Sometimes +/- 0.5 grams. And there's a relatively narrow range for getting the spro dialed in just right. I'll need to add a fine tape to the adjustment dial like another HB member did.

The pour over is also very good (i have a Forte BG to compare against) but i wonder if because I've only got a couple of kilos through the grinder whether I'm running into some teething issues: the pour over draw down is a bit longer than my old cast 804 burrs, and the taste, while very good, sometimes has a slight grit to it, despite this being v60 pour over with a paper filter. On one of the brews that was a bit longer, i happened to measure with a refractometer and i was around 24% extraction and there was really very little bitterness that came across, surprisingly enough.

I did run 2 cups of rice through at coarse setting and it chewed through the rice like nobody's business. Unclear whether it had any meaningful effect on knocking down the flashing on the burrs.

All in all a wonderful upgrade to my grinder setup.


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Great experience. I wonder if sticking these burrs in the LCU would make it easier to dial in and also limit retention. I've heard these burrs are good and wonder how they even compare to the Shurikens SWs.


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atao wrote:
The pour over is also very good
What grind settings do you use for pour-over? I also have an 804 with cast sweet burrs. I never used any other burrs though as I had Ditting switch burrs for my order. I have been using 4.5 a lot lately for V60 brews. For reference, I calibrated mine for one bar, ~50 microns, past touching. I do not think I can brew a bad pour-over with this grinder.

atao (original poster)

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I tend to brew 30-40gr of coffee at a time in a v60-02 or 03, and coffee as late has been a darker roast. So my grind setting has been very coarse, like somewhere between metal filter and french.


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My grind looks like powder. I have to spread it out to see grit to it. Based on pictures others post of grinds from more normal home grinders, mine is much more fine. It makes me wonder if I am doing it too fine, but a normal one pour brew takes about 3:00 to 3:15 and a two pour method with 30 second pause between pours, take about 3:30 normally. It tastes very good, usually smooth and sweet, depending on coffee. If I go much coarser, say around a 6 or higher, the coffee will be very acidic in comparison if I got used to it at a finer ground brew. It usually streams until all water has drawn out, although the coffee I am brewing now starts dripping the last 10 to 20 seconds.

Since I seem as though I am grinding pretty fine, I am curious about other grinds, especially if on same grinder. Someone with an 805 stating he is grinding around size I am, assuming we are both calibrated similarly.


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Here is a picture at a 5 grind setting. Note: I did not zoom-in enough. Any in the picture that look like large pellets are probably 3 to 5 of the pieces of grit clumping together. Most of grinds are about the size of table salt grit or maybe a little finer.


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Hi atao, so you had the original cast burrs before the lab sweet ones? Hansung (SSP guy) says he thinks the old cast burrs and new lab sweet burrs are the same, but you said you noticed a big difference?

I have an 804 with original cast burrs which I had sharpened by Hansung, but haven't been super happy with flavor from espresso or our overs, so am thinking of trying SSP HU burrs. I originally didn't consider lab sweet burrs as I thought they were the same as old 804 cast, but sounds like from your experience that's not right? But lab sweet burrs are also pretty expensive right?


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My theory is that there is something to having imperfections in cast burrs. I think having them sharpened makes them uniform and therefore loses the characteristics of a cast burr.


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There was definitely an improvement after they were sharpened, but not to the level I was expecting. Still doesn't have the clarity and sweetness of normal EKspressos


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I had my peak burrs resharpen and recoated silver knight by SSP and installed into the ultra grinder. Enjoying the burrs alot more compared to the high u 98mm which I replaced in the ultra.

The larger 98mm flat burrs grinds much finer Vs the the peak burrs at the same de1 profile. The high u burrs were at around 50-70um Vs the 100-150 um on the peak. The ability to grind finer with out sacrificing flow is the trademark of brew burrs or unimodal burrs, which in turn allows for ekpresso style shot. So if ekpresso style shots is your thing the high u burrs would be more suitable.

The peak burrs are more traditional in this sense. It's a very forgiving burr making many types of coffee/ roast level taste balance and easily drinkable in both espreso and brew.

The high u tend to exaggerate certain notes in the coffee which may or may not play well with the coffee . For medium to dark coffee it exaggerate the roast notes..for natural or those funky processing beans it tends to amplify the fermention notes making the taste very unbalanced.