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My burrs touch just under the zero point, and I grind around 2.5 for medium roast. Took a lot of trial and error with foil shims to get this dialed in. I love this grinder but honestly couldn't recommend it to anyone with how badly aligned they are out of the box.

I only took a picture of the stationary burr, but here it is.

LMWDP #715


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IMO the process in 804 are straight forward and much easier compare to the EK


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Has anyone done the fingernail sharpness test on their lab sweet burrs?

I have some original 804 cast burrs that I had resharpened by SSP, which I wasn't 100% happy with so then got a set of lab sweet burrs. Both have no have about 25kgs (50lb) of coffee through them so should be seasoned/broken in adequately. The SSP-sharpened original cast burrs feel much sharper than the lab sweet burrs. It was the first thing I noticed after getting the lab sweet burrs (so before I put any coffee through them) that the SSP-sharpened old cast burrs were much sharper. They would easily take some finger nail off, where as the lab sweet burrs wouldn't really. The lab sweet burrs feel like the cutting edge is much more rounded, they almost feel blunt in comparison.

Has anyone else done the finger nail test on their lab sweet burrs? How do they feel? Do they take nail off?