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You are right. But I never found it on my old KF804. I will check again today :D
Thank you for the link. It seems SSP also thinks that the old burrs are pretty much the same as the new ones. I have two old KF804s from 1986 and 1989 with the original burrs which were used only lightly and the resulting coffee is outstanding.
Your burrs look pretty fresh and I think they have never been resharpened so I guess you could still get them resharpened one to three times (or even more) if they loose grind quality.


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I don't think the old cast burrs are the same as the new lab sweet burrs. Everytime I see the old cast burrs can always identify them quickly from the longer or narrower shape of the oval grooves and the walls between them at the outer edge.


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Yes, the burr design was changed but I wonder how much of a difference it makes. Although small differences can change taste a lot.
I hope someone can compare them someday. But the overall description of taste from the new sweet burrs applies very much to what I experienced with the old burrs.
Here is an old post from me on a german forum where you can see the two generations of burrs:
https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/ditt ... st-1749377


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The small flats at the edge of the burrs may also be different. I don't have the old cast burrs so I am not sure. On the lab sweet burrs, the small flats of the bottom burr are smaller, and on the top burr are bigger.


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I've had the K804 Lab Sweet with cast burrs for around a year now. I haven't really kept up with how many pounds of coffee I've put through it, 15-20 maybe. I don't always have coffee at home, because I sometimes go out for espresso, but when I do drink black coffee it's almost always pour over from the 804. I purchased the unit after much debate, because I'd like to get into home espresso and wanted one grinder to rule them all.

At first, results were mixed. Grind distribution was limited to visual assessment only, no direct measurement. The coarser the grind, the less even particle size distribution seemed to be. The finer the grind, the more even the distribution seemed to be. Grinder particle size distribution at one year and after 15-20 lbs of coffee seems to be very even and consistent, appearing more consistent than the initial first six months although I never need to go any higher than a 6-7 on the dial.

Taste in the cup has vastly improved. At first I wasn't sure if I'de made a mistake choosing this grinder. Initial pour overs were nothing really special, with bitterness/sourness in the cup and mixed results. At this point, every cup is consistently good. It is virtually impossible to get a funky cup, they are exactly the same every time; juicy, sweet, smooth. Coming from a Lido 2, which served me well for many years, this was like a revelation and exactly what I was looking for in a grinder. I enjoyed the clunky Lido, but the stars would have to align for me to get a really sweet and juicy cup out it, if ever.

I just upgraded my kettle game, and there is a very slight improvement. I keep the dial on the 804 right around a 6, give or take a few steps, and cups are the exact same every time. My friend who is also a coffee snob, just commented for the first time recently how good the cup from the 804 was, despite being unimpressed initially -similar to my feelings.

I may eventually scratch the Kafatek itch, but these cast iron sweets will be with me for the rest of my days.


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My new (to me) 2006 kr804 with the old cast burr just arrived this weekend :D

after cleaning it up

add dial upgrade from with the print file from fellow user roadman Ditting 804 dial upgrade

recalibrate burr touch = 0 and the initial testing @ 5-6 and 1 :shock:

*Clogging due to not properly install the front plate & rubber spout

My initial (24hrs) experience
This thing is very heavy and could hurt your back (20+ kgs weight)
My current retention around 0.5-1g for fine range and less than 0.2 for filter range (both with RDT) w/original hopper w/o bellow

Any recommendations/tips are welcome on how to operate this thing of beauty :D


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2nd Initial report after using it for 2-3 days I decide to play with alignment since I cannot grind for espresso (no pressure even with medium-dark beans) despite the coffee that came out of it look super fine at 1.0-2.0 setting (burr touch @ -0.5)

I only did the stationary burr and It need me to shim it at 3 position (my first time ever doing this) from the final marker test look acceptable to me :oops: :lol:

After alignment and calibrate it like before (burr touch @ -0.5) now I can start grinding for espresso at 2.0 (too fine & almost choke) onward
I'm happy with the result :D


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What did you use to shim it?


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aluminum foils :D
under the burrs


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On a 6 setting, using Coffee Grind ap to analyse I got a 676 micron average