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atao (original poster)

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Yes, for the darker roasts that i have been brewing and for these large batch brews, I use the coarsest possible setting on my 804.


#32: Post by Acavia » replying to atao »

I tried a 7 today. It was good coffee. I really don't think a KR 804 in base calibration can grind very coarse. Its highest setting, 9, is probably finer than many people use for V60 in general or maybe it just looks finer since no to few boulders.

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#33: Post by bnw »

atao wrote:Almost all shots taste very good now, it seems that there's just a much larger window of goodness with this grinder.
That was what I felt trying a Peak recently. I've described it as being very "forgiving". It seemed to me like it was more resistant to being either sour or bitter.


#34: Post by bnw »

Rytopa wrote:I had my peak burrs resharpen and recoated silver knight by SSP
Out of curiosity, what did it cost to have them resharpened and coated? And why did you choose the silver knight coating vs no coating or a different coating?


#35: Post by Rytopa »

It's was about 200 USD resharpen and coated. Why I went with silver knight coating was mainly because since I was already paying to reshapern them, I could just throw in a coat for a small fee. The silver night was chosen because it was the coat of choice for brew application


#36: Post by bnw »

Good to know, thanks.


#37: Post by Mcnelis1981 »

Would you recommend Ditting 804 burrs or SSP for brewed coffee?

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Acavia wrote:Are you still using the coarser settings? I have been going coarser and like it. Around 6 now. Ill try 7
Reminds me of the common aeropress championship recipes. A lot of people like to grind very coarse, and use large doses, to get a punchier shot.
I just pulled my first shots on my new K804 LS yesterday.
bnw wrote:I've described it as being very "forgiving". It seemed to me like it was more resistant to being either sour or bitter.
I've only pulled a few shots, unseasoned burrs, but I've been saying the same thing.


#39: Post by mtbizzle »

Today, trying to do side by side of niche zero and lab sweet.

Here's the first dial in, old medium roast beans. As you can see, very similar flow during the pour phase, behaving pretty similar.

https://visualizer.coffee/shots/0707579 ... d340c657bf

Compare the lab sweet shot to a shot from different user, similar profile, different grinder. Notice how preinfusion and pour flow rates (blue line) are quite different pattern

https://visualizer.coffee/shots/2832ea3 ... d340c657bf

Burrs on niche are seasoned, lab sweet not seasoned. Did you all notice much difference after seasoning?

After 3 lbs of seasoning -- grind distribution charts using Gagne's app --


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ethiopianbuffman wrote:I've heard these burrs are good and wonder how they even compare to the Shurikens SWs.
Using Gagne's app -- can't be fully confident in accuracy, but the similarity is darn close. Unseasoned lab sweet.

Acavia wrote:Its highest setting, 9,...
Huh, my grind dial goes from 01 to 12. I got mine recently, 804 lab sweet.

Folks that have 01 - 12 grind dial... what settings do you tend to use, for espresso and for filter? Currently I'm around 2-2.5 for espresso (sometimes coarser, for unusual high flow light roast profiles), 6-7 for aeropress.