Ditting 807 Lab Sweet user experience

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Renamed the thread to make it easier to find - by the way they removed the K in the name :) it's 807 lab sweet not k807

Ditting 807 Lab Sweet - Since i received my Ultra about a month ago as well, I will be comparing it... and posting my experience & feedback here... Only one of the two will ultimately survive in my coffee corner.

I just couldn't resist - I love the taste of the peak so much but was always turned off by the retention and usability in a home environment.

Received it this morning - this thing is huge and stunningly beautiful. The ultra looks small next to it...

Retention out of the box, unseasoned was 1g... after a couple doses through it was near 0... Second shot was... crazy good. Time will tell if it was luck. I have 30lbs of cheap coffee to run through it for the seasoning.

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Been eyeing one of these as well! Very interested to hear your comparisons between this and the ultra.


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Looking forward to seeing what Mrs. WearyCup has to say about this :D -and your comparisons with the ultra.


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That is truly a beast, but now it's also the seize of an EK43, so not really surprised how massive it really is... I only tried the 804 lab sweet and that where stunningly good, so I can imagine the coffee would be great out of this beast, however home friendly not so much.

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salvia wrote:Looking forward to seeing what Mrs. WearyCup has to say about this :D -and your comparisons with the ultra.
Oh you can believe me she's having a field day mocking me! :lol:
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For the uninitiated, why is this grinder so sought after? Would it be superior or on par with a monolith or EG1?


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Coffee from it would be debatable as I assume both of those make good coffee, but people find the Sweet excels in both espresso and brew while many other grinder excel in one or the other normally.

Something I rarely, if ever, see discussed on these newer designed high-end grinders, is long term cost of ownership. For me, unless those two made far superior coffee, I would give a lot of consideration to the Ditting because it would be a lot less risky to own in my opinion. Ditting being a multi-decade old company will likely be around a lot longer than the micro-sized start-ups making the other grinders, so long term support is more assured with a Ditting. Plus the Ditting is a very simple design that anyone could repair and parts for it are readily available. So if something went wrong, you have it back running quickly and the cost would not be too bad. It is just my opinion, I would think if anything but minor problems happened to those newer, more complicated designed grinders, you either would not be able to get them repaired timely or at all, and it would not surprise me if the cost to do so was close to the price of a new unit.

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Well, it is beautiful. It gives a home bar the ambiance of a cafe.

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Yeah you're bang on with your response.
Ditting is owned by Hemro who also owns Mahlkonig so reliable company with a large distribution network.

The lab sweet is seen as being versatile for both espresso and brew... It shares the burrs with the Peak but because it's a lab grinder it's designed for lower retention and single dosing in mind. Although the platform is a bag grinder, so very reliable platform.

For me the appeal is all the above plus the peak burrs, seriously this grinder (peak) has always impressed me with its taste when I go to coffees, but I never considered it because it's really designed for a coffee environment...
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Any updates on the comparison between the two grinders? Any thoughts on which one you're keeping?