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ethiopianbuffman wrote:I did not find that the Flat with SSPs gave the same body as the Ditting LS. The LS has lots of body and it coats your tongue. The SSPs are clear with less body and hits you with the flavors up front and then dissipates.
Interesting - thanks!


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Lab Sweet on its way...expecting it on Monday...let's see if it's as sweet as its price. :)


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Let's refresh this thread a bit.

What to say... except, perhaps, WOW! I knew it's big, but it's huge in person, especially when you put it in a small place where it literally dominates. Not that other grinders look small (like Monolith Flat), but it dominates next to Lelit Bianca because it's so tall.
I love Monolith's design but I am really impressed with this huge thing. Also, heavy, and constructed as already mentioned, not build to last, but to survive the apocalypse. There are some cons regarding materials in my opinion, a few things, like plastic (could be better, like plastic in cheep cars) is not of the best quality, but I will turn a blind eye on that, because overall, it's a well thought design.
Another impressive thing: 15.05 g in - 15.05 g out! I am not going to weigh the beans and compare every time how much retention there is, but I was surprised by what I saw. I expected at least some to stay inside. But that didn't happen.
How strong the motor is, when you turn on the Start button for grinding, it kicks, even though its weight is 18-19 kg.
Someone, perhaps OP, said it's not too fast and not too slow? Hm, I think it's crazy fast. I didn't time it, but 15 g ran probably faster than 3 sec.
I do have crazy static, but I do that with all my grinders, I don't know why, and whether it will pass with seasoning, but I have to spray the beans twice just like with Monolith.
And I like that Ditting's big catch cup. I thought I won't use it for such small dosages, I already made a funnel for a smaller catch cup, but then I've tried it anyway. My first impressions regarding it were wrong. It's just great. Even the smallest grain of coffee dust slips from the walls. And all of a sudden it became a must have when using Ditting.
To compare it with Monolith Flat with Shuriken LM... I wasn't wrong at all by pairing these two! They're not the same at all! They're completely different. Perhaps old SSP with Flat would be more similar, but this Shuriken Flat LM and Lab Sweet are completely different.
I am still far away of its best performance, but already, just like Flat, it shows how good it is. I am really impressed buy its looks and performance.
I think Flat can grind finer, but I also think that Ditting can go fine enough to use most coffees, even those with fast extraction, like the one I am using now (home roasted Guatemala). It just runs too fast, but I've managed to have a decent extraction on dial 2.5. It would probably be better on 2, but there's still room to go even finer. Anyway, I will use Ditting mainly for medium/dark and Flat is reserved for lighter roasted beans.

When I was searching online who to buy from, I found only 2-3 websites. So if anyone is interested and from Europe, this is the site I've bought from:
https://www.caffe-limes.de/Muehlen/Eins ... -LAB-SWEET
The service was fast and reliable!

I don't know which is sweeter, the price or espresso, but it is sweet :)

What to say, one more happy customer!


P.S. I'm only making espresso...straight espresso, I don't know how it performs for pour over, drip techniques...but I guess it'll be just as remarkable, I can say that it's simple to dial any grind from Turkish to...


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Nice write up! Could you elaborate any further on the differences between the Ditting and the Monolith with Shuriken LM burrs?


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Hey, thanks!
The differences, hm. I like to see things in a simple manner. Even though it's not the best to make conclusions before it gets to its peak, before seasoning etc...I like to see how it performs at a glance. I am also not the kind of a person who likes to speed up the seasoning process. I like to come to it naturally. Yup, it will take longer to give final thoughts and to drink the best espresso it delivers. But if it's good with its first shot, then I like the process and tasting changes over time.
The differences I tasted in these two grinders at a glance: Lab Sweet gets you that extra boost in espresso, while still having that delicacy to drink it without adding any milk. Espresso is robust like its look, still very enjoyable to drink. While other grinders, which people refer to as "excellent for the price" (I don't use that term), don't deliver that delicacy, and in my opinion, they just can't compete with grinders like Ditting or Kafatek. With those other grinders (that I own) espresso is just not that pleasant to drink straight like it is with Ditting and Kafatek.
As I mentioned, I like to drink medium and darker (but not only) roasted coffee, aka ESPRESSO. I like Italian blends, and I like the taste of robusta coffee too. This year I discovered Tanzania robusta. And I love it. I'll have to wait (no problem) until next home roasting season (spring/summer) to try it with Ditting.
I just can't get over my impression with Ditting. I can't say it's beautiful in the same way like Kafatek's design. Aesthetically Monolith is as beautiful as Marilyn Monroe, and Ditting is Scwarzeneger in his peak, cool, right, to have Conan Barbarian in the small kitchen, hahaha. Btw, I don't like to give things/objects human attributes or call them with personal pronouns, this is just personification ;)
So, Ditting gives you taste like great conical does (because of the depth that LS has), robust feeling. I didn't try it with variety of beans, but I believe it's that much versatile that it can be used with any, and still perform the best. That's how I see it, but we'll see.
Monolith with Shuriken and LM burrs is for light/medium roasted coffee, and it gives me just the right taste that I wanted when drinking those kind of espressos. I roast my own coffee too with Ikawa Home, and it's not the best to roast darker with it, so I am using it for lighter roasted coffee. Monolith Flat gives me that silky, creamy espresso but with body.
I am not looking for clarity in espresso, or fruity notes. I like rounded, balanced, powerful taste. I like to be surprised by taste that I can't put anywhere or compare to anything, rather than say it reminds me on something or it is like this or that. Like perfumes. I don't like perfumes that have a clear smell or smell like a certain flower, plant or fruit. I like those with balanced and unique smell and they are recognisable like that. When they are mixed with plenty of different ingredients, but the final aroma is great.

And that comparison that I gave was from espressos made with the same roasted beans.
OK, hope it helps what I wrote above... In my opinion these two grinders deliver every time, both with its own taste!



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What a great reply! Thank you so much, you really got across the feel of the two grinders which is a very difficult task when trying to describe something as ethereal as subjective taste experience.


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I'd implore you to give the Ditting a run doing pour over. I found that it was actually better in pour over than espresso and brought out sweetness that was not found before with others, esp conicals. I don't know how it would compare to Shurikens LM or even the new Coarse burrs, but would be interesting to see. I didn't find too much difference when doing immersion.

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Hey, this is great. My assumptions are true. So Lab Sweet is amazing for pour over too! If you read carefully what I wrote, you'd noticed that I only drink espresso, I don't like pour over, drip and other similar techniques...but your info is valuable to those who use techniques other then espresso, especially to my buddy "A-85" who asked for these information. I can't be the right person to write about that. That should be written by someone who shares the passion for those kind of drinks, unfortunately, I am not that man.
My "review" is only my side of the story, it's not a general opinion of the grinder. I've explained WHY I LIKE IT so much, and why I found it great for my purposes, and why I like it paired with Monolith Shuriken LM.
It is absolutely possible that someone else will see it completely differently depending on what they will use it for.



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I am the proud owner of a new 807 Lab Sweet. Sadly I struggle using it for espresso. To get shots which run for more then 20 seconds I need to grind with the burrs touching.
As a reference on my Niche I grind on setting 21 for these beans and normal shot times, which is about average grind size for me.
Here is a link of the strange reoccurring chirp my 807 has:
Please help me solve this issue.

I already did an alignment of the upper burr which bettered the situation but didn't solve the issue, it just enabled me to get to a little longer shot times.


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It still sounds like there is an alignment issue. You can do a marker test to see where the high and low points are. I have heard that some of them shipped with alignment issues. If you fix that then you won't be grinding at touch.