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Also received my LS807. It got through UPS just fine. Amusingly, it's missing the hopper... :lol: .Hopefully the distributor can get that sorted out for me. A couple of things I noticed that I'm not sure are normal: when the switched on (using the I/O switch in the rear), the grinder makes a very audible hum; and when adjusting the grind setting from coarse to fine, it feels like there's some uneven friction. Are these things normal for this grinder? I've only used prosumer grinders before, so I don't have much of a reference point. Thank you in advance.

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See this Ditting 807 Hum

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I too, have the hum. Prima's reply in the above link settled my worries.

The one thing that was "shocking" was how many rotations on the dial I had to make until I heard the burrs chirp. My 807LS looked like it was at a cold brew setting while at "1" on the dial before resetting the zero point. Now i'm pulling shots at 2.5-3 on the dial for medium roasts (espresso). But the initial settings/calibration was certainly a "scare".

I've only had the grinder 4 days, but even when I mess up and the shots pull super fast or super long, it's still shockingly tasty. I'm very excited to have this grinder for many years to come.


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I see you are coming from a 64mm burr. How is the taste difference?


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807 has just arrived. I haven't had time to brew with it yet but I tested it with about half a pound of beans.
Can it grind fine? Oh yes. I'll post more when I have the time but for now I can say it grinds to a fine powder that looks to the eye like Turkish.

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After comparing my Ditting 807 LS wih the Lagom P64 I decided to send the Ditting back to the reseller for service (Limes Coffee in Germany). The alignment of the Ditting was very poor, I also find difficult to align with alu foil, maybe because it only has 2 screws, not sure. I disclose to the reseller the fact that I shimmed the burrs which was a mistake, they claimed the burrs were damaged and charged me for a set of burrs, shipment, etc. They wouldn't listen to my complaints at all: bad alignment, poor extraction for light roast espresso, impossible to dialog with them. The grinder arrived at Hemro, they changed the burrs, invoiced me for damaging them :) Hemro sent back the grinder, I asked them for a measurement protocol in respect to the alignment, they didn't provide anything, no alignment measurement, at least extraction on refractometer. They only replied that the grinder can grind fine enough, even for Turkish coffee :) I paid for the service being very frustrated ...

After the reparation in Hemro the alignment is even worse :) Using the marker test at least the upper burr only touches like 1/4 of the diameter. When rotating the upper burr with 180 deg the touching part stays on the same side pointing to a defect of the burr carrier.

In my opinion the Ditting 807 is not the good grinder for home use, especially if you are focused on espresso.

I am using the Lagom P64 HU since several month and I am very happy with it: high extraction (I reach easily 23% EY), silent, decent size, etc.

Now to ne honest I do not know what I am doing with the Ditting, maybe I will order an upper burr carrier, I have the impression that this is the problem for the alignment: if I turn the upper burr with 180 deg the same side is touching so I guess the carrier is the problem.

... to be continued


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Interesting. Regardless of your findings on the marker test, did you find that you were not able to grind fine enough?

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I can however grind fine enough, probably the distribution is not very good. I also noticed the zero point set by the factory on the dial is much below the burrs touching point, I guess it is not good when the burrs touch ... maybe they grind more on the edges, not sure. Anyway it grinds fine enough, I only have light roasts (Gardelli Shantewena).

In back to back comparison with Lagom P64 HU Ditting extracts less (20 - 21% vs 22 - 23% EY, 2.5 ratio, around 25 - 27 sec). I was using a filter paper under the puck. On taste I cannot say it is bad but definitely in my opinion not sweeter than the lagom.


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Mihai Radu wrote:
In back to back comparison with Lagom P64 HU Ditting extracts less (20 - 21% vs 22 - 23% EY, 2.5 ratio, around 25 - 27 sec). I was using a filter paper under the puck. On taste I cannot say it is bad but definitely in my opinion not sweeter than the lagom.
That's helpful, I'll report in too as soon as I have a chance to do some brewing with my 807. I have to wonder how much of the extraction difference relates to burr geometry. Perhaps the Lagom simply suits your tastes better than the Ditting?


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Finally received my 807LS. Arrived in perfect condition.
Zero point needed considerable adjustment, and lower burr alignment checked and found to be .02mm between highest/lowest point. Not too bad.
Alignment a bit tricky to carry out due to only having 2 mounting screws, but now lower burr alignment is .01mm. I'll have another try in the near future to get a better result.

Grind setting now at 2.2 for 19 in 30 out in 30 sec for med/dark roast, so lots of room to grind finer for light roasts and smaller doses.

Taste comparisons of the brand new LS to a run-in PK100 are very positive, though I'll need to try a number of different coffees before arriving at any conclusions.

So far, very happy with the 807.

I thought it also worth mentioning that the PK100 is advertised as coming from the factory already perfectly aligned, however was also out by .02mm.

I've found the LS to be a pleasure to use so far, and disagree with the previous comment about the LS being unsuitable for domestic use, or for espresso in general