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Marmot wrote:Absolutely. That's what the Ditting grinders are actually made for. Not for coffee freaks like us :mrgreen:
I think for your use case a Ditting 804 or 807 Lab Sweet or just a normal 804 or 807 would be good. The EK43s will also work well but maybe the normal EK43 might be better for grinding into bags.
Disagree. 30lb per day limit on the 807 limits a coffee shop quite substantially. Maybe as part of a selection of grinders it could work.


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That's interesting. I just saw that in the US the small Ditting grinders are recommended to be used for up to 30 lbs where in europe they recommend up to 48kg (about 100 lbs). That can't be just because of the voltage?
You can always get a 1203 or 1403 but I think for a small coffee shop that would be overkill. Here in Switzerland every supermarket has a 1203 for customers to grind their coffee. And you can see many people doing that throughout the day which accumulates to a lot more than the 60 lbs recommended in the US for this model.


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I dont think I would ever grind more then 15-20 kg per day. Taste wise vs ek43?


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I don't have an EK43 to compare but the Lab Sweet burrs usually give you a sweet cup (of course) and is good at muffling any off taste. I usually have a pretty wide sweet spot with any coffee compared to other grinders. I think the EK43 has more clarity but may give you a worse cup if you choose the wrong grind size. But that's just what I heard.
I guess you wont go wrong with any of the two. The EK43 might bring more customers into your shop just because of the look and recognition value ;)


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I bumped up the grind setting to 8,7 and now a chemex brew tastes amazing! No bitterness at all! Very pleased!
Also the espresso is on another level compared to when grinding with the Niche Zero.

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Can anyone comment on the noise level of this grinder? Hopefully in comparison to a Niche ?

I'm jealous of those of you who have been able to procure the white/black version of the LS 807. I just placed my order today (thanks to Porcupine's compelling review I've jumped to this and stopped coveting a Flat Max or P-100) to replace my niche Zero- and the two distributors I spoke to, Majesty and Prima, indicated that the White/Black version would not be available to us in the U.S. this year :(


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Louder than a niche, quieter than a 64mm flat (super jolly). Ditting grinds absurdly fast, so you only have to listen to noise for like 3 seconds. I'm not joking, it's that fast.

It spoils you - you'll never be able to go back to 30 second grind times. :P
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I hadn't even noticed that white was a possible option. Only black ones available here in Australia, for now at least.
White trim does certainly look nice, though black goes with everything, really!


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Do these particle sizes seem ok to you? It's 8,8 on the dial which produces a pretty nice chemex without bitterness.
However the particle sizes are all over the place with big boulders mixed with microscopic small dust. Maybe a stupid question but it would be nice to know if this is normal or not.
I single dose by turning the motor on and then dropping in the beans in the hopper.


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Looks like hashish to me :?:
I don't want a Decent