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bakafish wrote:I dialed to 8 for 14g beans and 8.3 to 8.5 for 20g beans (804 Lab Sweet) for V60 with 46 method. Total time 3 min 30 seconds. The extraction yields were 20.5% to 21%. I think 7,8 for 36g beans is too fine.
Agreed. I don't do my pour overs at anything below 8.

Also, did you season your grinder or is it still being broken in?


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The grinder is not seasoned.
But how can it be to fine if the brew us done in 2 min 30 sec including the 30 sec blooming? I will try a coarser grind tomorrow and I will post the results!


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Tried two V60 at grindsetting 8. Also lowered the brew temperature to 90 degrees C. Still bitter after taste. Not really better at all. The grind is now really course. Strange.


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In your case I would try going finer even if it tasted bitter now. 2min 30sec is a very fast brew. I usually brew between 7 and 8 but on my Ditting I pull light roasts with long preinfusion at around 2.6 to 2.8.
Sometimes I have problems dialing in a coffee and feel like it tastes bitter or sour but when I go the usual way (sour -> grind finer, bitter -> grind coarser) the off taste stays or gets even stronger. This mostly happens with espresso but on several occassions I also experienced it with filter brews where the coffee got less bitter when grinding finer.
So I would go finer and take the temperature up to usual levels as well if you haven't tried it already.


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Agathorn wrote:Tried two V60 at grindsetting 8. Also lowered the brew temperature to 90 degrees C. Still bitter after taste. Not really better at all. The grind is now really course. Strange.
It might due to the alignment, pour over method, or the coffee.

My 804LS burrs touching below 1, about 0.7-0.8. I can brew espresso at 2.5 for 14g light medium roast beans (Agtron 61-64 whole bean, 75 espresso) using the VST filter basket with a paper filter under the puck which increases the extraction flow rate. The coffee grounds at 8 are still fine, not coarse at all.

I use Tetsu Kasuya's 46 method which uses 5 pours. For example, the normal 46 method is 20g beans and total 300g of water.
Start pour time  Total weight of water
0:00          50g
0:45         120g
1:30         180g
2:15         240g
3:00         300g
You can use different cups to catch each pour and taste them to find out the bitterness appears in which cup, and then decrease the amount of water of that pour, but keep the total 300g of water. You can also change the pours from 5 to 4 or 3, or change the seconds between each pour (in this example are 45 seconds).

In my experience, I had a pink bourbon which bitterness appeared in the first and last pours, so I changed the pours from 5 to 4 and decrease the first pour amount. But it only related to the grinder Mahlkonig Tanzania. I never had the bitterness with the 804LS, but this method also worked very well to enhance the floral notes of the pink bourbon.


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Hey Bakafish

Thank you for sharing your method! I am used to Katsuya's V60 recipe but never really used its potential like you do. I will definitely try it out on my filter brews.

I also think that the coffee powder at 8 on the Lab Sweet is still very fine and I often readjusted the setting to get coarser grinds when using it for filter instead of espresso.
The coffee powder of the Lab Sweet should be very unimodal which would make it normal that the grounds are finer for the same brew time when compared to a more bimodal grinder. But I also grind quite a bit coarser than what is recommended for filter on the dial ;)

Another thing one can try out is to reduce the amount of fines. You can feed the beans into the grinder slowly by hand (almost one bean after another). I would also first knock the bag holder to get rid of the fines from the previous grind. After grinding the beans I would not knock the bag holder because there will be fines accumulated in the chute. However it should not be necessary to go this far with the Lab Sweet but it is interesting to try it out.


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I would also dump some seasoning beans through the burrs, can make a difference. If I had a new grinder and didn't have issues with the taste I might not season much, but if I had some issues with a new unseasoned grinder I'd season some kilos and see if they improved. With the small amount a home user would grind per day it takes a while to get say 10 kilos through them.


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I roasted an ethiopian coffee yesterday and tried it in a chemex at setting 7,8 on the ditting. Perhaps a bitvweak tasting but no bitterness at all! Completely different from the other coffees I tried! So it must be coffee dependant. Strange since I've never had this issue with the same coffees I tried with my other grinder (compak K3 Touch). But I'm very glad of the result!
I'll try another brew in the chemex and see how fine I can get with this coffee!


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I'm thinking to buy 807 lab sweet for my future coffee shop. Would use it for a brew/batch/filter and grinding for a customers (when the buy coffee for home but don't have a grinder). Would it be good for it, or should I go with a ek43s route?


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Absolutely. That's what the Ditting grinders are actually made for. Not for coffee freaks like us :mrgreen:
I think for your use case a Ditting 804 or 807 Lab Sweet or just a normal 804 or 807 would be good. The EK43s will also work well but maybe the normal EK43 might be better for grinding into bags.