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To make another point...
If I had any idea how I would have repaired it myself I would have, even though it was right out of the factory.
The expectation I have for this grinder is not that it is perfect out of the box, but that it will be easy to repair and maintain. I recognize it as a shop grinder.
Not to say that one couldn't be happy with it in a home setting. I will be happy with it hopefully, but I believe it helps to check if ones expectations allign with reality. No factory made grinder ships perfectly alligned, except for the 1% of each model that just get lucky. The Lab Sweet is not an exception to this "rule".


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Agathorn wrote:I recalibrated mine so 0 is just above where the chirping begins. That just about lets me get a 20-25 seconds extraction with medium to light espresso. I thought I would be able to grind finer with this grinder
I can grind much finer... This may be an alignment issue. If you bought this grinder new, I would contact the supplier/distributor. Or Ditting.


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Not grinding fine enough seem to be a rather frequent issue, wonder if there's some variance in the production of the burrs itself, maybe combined with the need to see a little more break in before re-zeroing touch point, and not just alignment?


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coffeeOnTheBrain wrote:Ups I forgot the link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7GHdXgJkuK0
There are 2 errors in the video. The first, at 3:08, you should add something on the screw and then hammer it to assure the force is vertical and won't cause damage to the motor shaft. The second, at 3:22, without tools you cannot assure the flange is vertical to the shaft and will cause the alignment issue. I think there should be a jig when Ditting assembles it.


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Thank you!
Maybe there is no jig and this is the allignment issues cause ;)


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And don't forget that these burrs need around 30kg to season and grind characteristics will change during break-in. It's pretty normal for brand new burrs to not function optimally and get better with breaking in. I had problems with my SSP burrs on the EG1 for the first 15kg but after that everything was fine and continued to get better. What I read a lot here is that people tend to be way too quick in diagnosing problems that potentially aren't there.

I'm still thinking about buying a LS807 burrset and putting it in my EG1 as a final upgrade.


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My 804 Lab Sweet worked very well from the first day it arrived.

Mihai Radu

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Adding my 2 cents: I got my 807 LS in Dec 21, I had a Peak before and I really liked the taste but hated the huge retention and difficulty to dial in a new coffee (due to retention u need to purge a lot of coffee to have the new setting in place, most of the time u need to apply 2-3 changes until u get the result u like so half of the bag is gone).

I only drink light roast espresso (Gardelli, the barn, bonanza, my neighbor - Pacande :). The 807 LS could grind fine enough from the very beginning nevertheless I opened it and slightly shimmed the burrs which added 3-4 notches to the setting for the same coffee. I grind around 2 for light roast espresso

Taste wise the grinder is amazing: Ethiopian natural coffees are sweet and fruity, fermented ones taste a bit of champagne, even decof tastes really good and mild. I have the feeling that for some coffees the taste home is better than in my favorite speciality coffee shop in town.

I compare it with a Niche and I recently got back from service in Spain the PK100 Lab which I sent in for repair and they took it 3 months. I was not happy with the grind quality of the PK100 for the type of coffee I drink. It turned out it was equipped with standard espresso burrs. They installed filter burrs, serviced the grinder (feells more tight now) and the grind is also excellent, high extraction, high yield, clarity of taste, surprisingly quite similar to the 807.

Obviously the 807 is much better than the Niche in terms of taste but very similar to the PK100 with filter burrs. In terms of operation, noise, looks, workflow I find the 807 a bit
better so the I put the PK in the basement, probably I will sell it.

I find the Ditting very silent idling, of course is loud when grinding but not as loud as other grinders, the fans are also barely hearable.

The retention is very small, some times u loose 0,2 - 0,3 g from your dose and u get them next time u grind.

I often have 2-3 bags of coffee open and I like how easy is to set the grinder each time 2-3 notches for each coffee type once u know its sweet spot.


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I have tried a lot of V60, Chemex and filter brew using a moccamaster and I run into the same issue on them all. The tast up front is really good. But after about 5 seconds of taking a sip there is a shart bitterness coming through.
This morning for example I brew a V60 with 36 grams using 7,8 on the dial (for reference I brew espresso on 1,5 after calibrating 1 to almost touching burrs). 600 grams of water. I pour 72 grams of water to bloom for 30 seconds. Pour the rest in. Total brew time 2 min 30 seconds.

Any tips? Could it be something wrong with the grinder?


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I dialed to 8 for 14g beans and 8.3 to 8.5 for 20g beans (804 Lab Sweet) for V60 with 46 method. Total time 3 min 30 seconds. The extraction yields were 20.5% to 21%. I think 7,8 for 36g beans is too fine.