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For pour-over (V60, Kalita) I am usually in the 7.0-7.5 range. My dial button is calibrated to burr rub just below the scale.

It sounds like a good idea to try a few different beans.

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Agathorn wrote:I just got the 807 lab sweet and I'm not able to get anything drinkable out of it. Using the moccamaster and trying to get similar particle size as my old compak k3 touch grinder. Its bitter and very bad tasting. I've tried grind settings: 5,4 5,6 and 6,0.
Any suggestions?
I generally have my morning Moccamaster brews ground at 7 or coarser on my 804. No surprise to me that your brews are too bitter.

Also I do my pour overs 4:6 style and usually those are at a 9 or thereabouts. Not sure on the exact setting as I'm at work. Coarse as hell. Gives a really richly flavored cup in my experience


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I'm also pretty coarse with my KF804.
The Lab Sweet should not enhance defects. It actually does the opposite which is why some roasters don't use it for cupping because they can't detect defects with it very well.

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What ratio have you been brewing at, Agathorn? I have a KF804 w/ ULF burrs and I've been getting good cups with around a 1:18 ratio. Maybe give that a shot.


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Looking at getting SSPs 64mm clone of these cast ditting lab sweet burrs. Excited to approximate the profile here!

Has anyone compared taste in cup against something like unimodal/multipurpose burrs? How would you define the difference in flavor with the lab sweet burrs? And what contributes to it?

I've heard the cast burrs create a duller cut, for less surface area per particle. For some reason this is said to maintain the clarity often experienced in very unimodal grinding, but with a more robust and deeper sweetness (less dry astringency; longer after taste). Is this so? Any other theories why it may be?


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Any other theories why it may be?
Your theory sounds good to me - perhaps even a more consistently round particle for reduction in major variation in surface area?

Beyond this, I wonder if the slight reduction in the precision of edges produces a bit of variety in particle size while still maintaining very few fines and boulders. Making wider peak with small tails on the particle distribution curve? Keeps it complex but without the extremes that create bitter or sour cups?


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Looking at getting SSPs 64mm clone of these cast ditting lab sweet burrs
I'm also very interested in these. Please let me know if you get any info!

Was wondering about creating a separate thread for information/discussion about these burrs - does this seem appropriate / more appropriate than discussing them here?


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Im brewing at about 6 grams coffee to 100 ml water.
I tried 7,5 on the grind dial today and it tastes better. Also used coffee I roasted yesterday. Tried a couple of V60 as well at 7 on the dial and it was better then yesterday (using another coffee here as well).

Is it important for the taste to run a couple of kilos of cheap coffee through the grinder? Does it have a major impact on taste?


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Agathorn wrote:I talked to a reseller of this grinder here in Sweden and mentioned that several owners of this grinder seems to have alignment issues of the burrs. So that it's hard to grind fine enough to properly extract lightly roasted coffee.
He said it's the users fault because they change the grind size all the time. Between pour over and espresso. That this messes up the alignment.

If this grinder cant switch between grind settings I don't want it. Any input on this weird statement?
Maybe so, but personally I have no problem grinding turkish. 804 lab sweet.


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Another try today with v60 at grind setting 7,3 and it tasted very good! Now I'm satisfied! Uniformity seems good as well !
The speed this grinder runs at is very impressive!