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TheodorAdorno wrote:Hi Marco,

I've not used it for espresso because I've already got 2 other grinders set up - one for dark and one for light(ish) roasts (because I'm very lazy and I don't like switching about) but I've used the Ditting for a Turkish grind just to see how fine it would go and it handled it absolutely fine (so to speak) but you've now made me want to explore its capabilities more, so I will experiment and report back.


I look forward to hearing what differences it brings to espresso (and other coffee styles) when compared to your other high-end grinders. I've been promised a late Jan delivery of the 807LS here in Australia, but will wait and see.


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Can i confirm whether the burr set in the 807 LS is different from the 804LS and Peak model? I always thought they were using the same burrs. But i spoke to a distributor and their technician told me that it is different.


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On the Prima Coffee website, they share the same MPN.


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Confusing. I just spoke to them on the phone and they said you would not able to fit 804ls burrs into 807ls due to the difference in thickness and mounting geometry/mechanics

*Anyway, i've sent an email to ditting themselves for clarification. Will see what they say.


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Marmot wrote:Hey Paul

Are you using the Lab Sweet for espresso as well?
If you do, what grind size do you usually use? Some people reported having problems with grinding fine enough. I guess this mostly happens when grinding light roast beans for longer preinfusions.
Hi Marco, I'm using lab sweet burrs in my 804 for espresso and pourover. With burr touch just under the zero point, I'm generally grinding around 2.5 for espresso. I cannot imagine any scenario where I would not be able to grind fine enough, even with very light roast blooming shots etc...
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Thank you!

I had the same experience so far. With the same calibration as you mentioned I'm above 3 with most medium roasts on a normal 9 bar machine. I think the lowest I ever went with a super light filter roast and long preinfusion with flow control was about 2.5 or 2.6.
I am using a KF804 from 1986 with the original cast iron burrs which are in mint condition as far as I can tell. I first wondered if my burrs were worn and maybe would produce more fines letting the espresso machine choke earlier. I know worn burrs usually mean you can't grind fine enough but my thinking was that maybe unimodal burrs will start to produce more fines if they are worn and lead to the opposite?
I also got two used KR1203s with burrs in great condition as well (it's easier to tell on machined burrs). With those grinders I hit almost the same grind setting as with the KF804 which leads me to believe they work as intended.
The reason I asked about this is that many people reported problems with grinding for espresso especially on the new 807 Lab Sweet. It now seems to me their grinders are just not properly aligned?


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I just got the 807 lab sweet and I'm not able to get anything drinkable out of it. Using the moccamaster and trying to get similar particle size as my old compak k3 touch grinder. Its bitter and very bad tasting. I've tried grind settings: 5,4 5,6 and 6,0.
Any suggestions?


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Assuming all other parameters are the same, the standard reply would be that you should grind coarser if your brews are too bitter.


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Its not just that it's bitter. It really taste bad overall. Could it be that the grinder shows the flaws in the coffee that my old grinder doesnt? Its coffee that I roast myself with the ikawa home roaster. Using ikawas own green beans and their own roasting profiles. Ill roast some more of other beans and experiment with. And order some professionally roasted as well.

What grind setting should be a good place to start with for pour over? Or are all grinder different regarding the grind settings on the dial?