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ethiopianbuffman wrote:It still sounds like there is an alignment issue. You can do a marker test to see where the high and low points are. I have heard that some of them shipped with alignment issues. If you fix that then you won't be grinding at touch.
Thank you! I did a quick alignment already before it was even worth. It is not perfect yet, but it changed from about 15% touching to about 90% touching on the upper burr. I couldn't do the spinning burr as I was not able to loosen the screws.
There were 2 things really odd about that:
1. I was not able to use the motor to do the marker test, as it chirped without taking of the marker and I didn't dare to go finer. I then moved the burrs by hand, which worked.
2. The moving burr which I didn't align changed from about 50% to about 90% in the process. I put marker on it again but it stayed at 90% from then on. How is that even possible?

Edit: after alignment locking burr and chirp point when moving by hand was about 4 small marks away.


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So that is possible if the stationary burr was misaligned and the moving burr was aligned. I think going from 50-90 is way better and getting that extra 5-10% might be more hassle than it is worth as it is probably a combination of shimming the moving and stationary burr some more. I think if you are able to get shot times and the tastes that you are happy with then I'd ride with those settings until it is no longer satisfactory.

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coffeeOnTheBrain wrote:I am the proud owner of a new 807 Lab Sweet. Sadly I struggle using it for espresso. To get shots which run for more then 20 seconds I need to grind with the burrs touching.
As a reference on my Niche I grind on setting 21 for these beans and normal shot times, which is about average grind size for me.
Here is a link of the strange reoccurring chirp my 807 has:

Please help me solve this issue.

I already did an alignment of the upper burr which bettered the situation but didn't solve the issue, it just enabled me to get to a little longer shot times.
It seems to me that the moving burr has a wobble from side to side that is not supposed to be present.


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Thank you! I believe you are right. It looks like a wobble in the video, it could be that it just looks like it (in a Niche it looks like that too, but everything is fine for the Niche anyway).
In addition the sound to me indicates a wobble as well, but again that is just my interpretation.
That the alignment of the moving burr changed by magic also might indicate a wobble, but I am not sure.

I am very open to other ideas too, so please keep them coming.

PS: a proposal on how to fix the wobble would be very welcome too :)


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coffeeOnTheBrain wrote: PS: a proposal on how to fix the wobble would be very welcome too :)
When did you purchase it? Was that issue since the beginning or it happened later? Have you contacted the seller or manufacturer to get some answers (with that video) before doing anything?
I have three years of guarantee for my Lab Sweet that I purchased recently. The seller is from Germany.
That wobbling looks weird, looks completely out of the centre, hm. How is that even possible?



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Thank you! It was like that from the start, which was last week, but I tried Espresso just the other day.
So yes guarantee is absolutely an option. I would have hoped for to be able to fix it. Frankly I believe that we as a community have more knowledge then most vendors and hence think this is my best chance.


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Unfortunately, there are always a few that don't work like they should. But it's also kinda strange that it happen at all, because they test every grinder in the factory. When I got mine it was greatly dusted with coffee and leftover coffee between burrs.

Wish you good luck, it's an amazing grinder!


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Here is another video of the burr coming to a stop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gE-1HWBRIGA

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While the center wobbling looks funny and grabs your attention, it's more important what the burr looks like and I can't see that the burr is wobbling, but it's much harder to see the burr until the last second so not sure if it's running true.