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how much do these grinders cost?


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Hi Porcupine - very interested in how you are enjoying your Lab Sweet and any comparison with your Ultra. Hard to find much information about the 807LS, especially from someone who can compare to another great grinder, so very grateful for any thoughts you can share.


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I see you are selling the ultra, so I guess we know which one you think is better :)

Would love to hear more detailed comparisons though!


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Agree!! Super keen to hear your thoughts on the 807 sweet vs the ultra, and why you ended up choosing the 807!

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There's some more detail on the OP's blog.

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I've been eyeing the 807 Sweet as well, specifically for the low retention. Out of curiosity, will it run without the hopper attached? Could you measure the height of the grinder without the hopper attached? I'm trying to determine if one could make a shorter, single-dosing hopper that could possibly allow this to fit under cabinets.
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There is a micro-switch that the hopper engages. You would have to figure out a way to depress the safety switch if you wanted to run the grinder with the hopper off. This would not be a difficult obstacle to overcome.

The height of the grinder without the hopper is roughly 15.25".


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Awesome, thanks for the info! Agreed, the micro-switch would easily be remedied with a properly designed replacement hopper keyed to depress the switch. That height without the hopper makes the 807 a MUCH more appealing option. I may be sorry I asked, or at least my wallet will be sorry! :lol:
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No problem!

It's an amazing grinder and produces a cup that is every bit as good as my Monolith Flat. You should definitely buy one :D

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Hey all - sorry for not providing more updates. I started a new job this month so very little time to write. Good news is that I started a new job so been drinking a lot of coffee to keep up! More testing of the 807!

I started writing the blog article but haven't finished yet, will probably have something up by next week... but I can give you my impressions so far...

To summarize my experience with the 807 sweet, I guess I could say that I sold my Ultra this week.

I'm absolutely in love with the Ditting. The coffee is so good, so damn rich, velvety, creamy, sweet, bold, intense, balanced (!!!)... I lack superlatives to describe.

Definitely doesn't provide a « clean » cup like the ultra. Less clarity, less brightness, less acidity. Clearly there are likely more fines in there. Particles distribution is probably not as low as super high tech HU SSP burrs.

But you know what ? I don't care. Every single cup of coffee I have with this grinder is amongst the best I've ever had for my taste. They keep getting better. The grinder is an absolute pleasure to use as a single doser, retention is very low (less than 0.5G), but probably slightly higher than the ultra who was fantastic on that aspect. The grounds are fluffy, light, like crisps flakes, no clumping.

The extraction is very even. Weirdly it tends to be on the faster side for the same grind size with other grinders. I often grind at the « Turkish » level on the dial and the shot flows 1:2 in 27-30 seconds... it's weird! But the taste is great.

Also noticed that the extraction seems to be higher that previous grinders... I will often pull a very fast shot in 22 seconds... I'm thinking well that was way too fast... taste just to see. Barely any sourness. On the other end, if i pull long shots over 40 seconds, I can really feel the bitterness, but somehow the shots are always delicious regardless. Speed of the shot drastically changes the personality of the cup, but the result is always enjoyable and balanced.

On the constructive comments side: the doser they provide is really amazing but I wish it had a spout to make the transfer of grounds to the PF easier. That being said, this doser is really amazing. The quality is incredible and it looks fantastic when sitting under the chute.

The bag knocker is also amazing, feels very solid, but I wish the motion to knock it was downward rather than upward. It would be more satisfying. But it's a very minor detail and a personal preference.

The cooling fan starts when you grind a lot of coffee, but I noticed that it seems to start when it's very hot in my condo even if I don't grind... and it (the fan) runs on the noisy side, kind of like a computer fan.

The build quality is stunning. The look of it is amazing in my opinion, but I kinda wish they kept the « Ditting Lab Sweet » logo on the front like the 804 had.

Keep in mind that it's a huge grinder - the ultra looked small compared to it - and to answer the question about making a smaller doser, I have a hard time seeing how it could be done without making a custom one, and it would impact the look, not sure I would do that personally. But I don't have to fit it under any cabinet.

That's it for now - Will write that in a blog format shortly
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