Ditting 804 Single Dose Hopper

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Hello all,

I recently acquired a KR804 that I am using at home, and wanted to design a single dose hopper so that it would fit under my kitchen cabinets. There was another HB'er that posted some photos of a hopper design that he created and 3D printed about 8 months ago, but he no longer seems to be active on the forum, and did not post any STL files for others to print their own. Once I took delivery of my grinder, I set out to measuring and designing a hopper that is centered around the stock circular fixing ring/plate, and a bellows from the DF64.

It is a two piece design, the black "base" as I call it, and then the tapered "funnel ring" that will either be glued or screwed to the base, which the bellows will interface into. The funnel ring features a conical piece in the middle, that is a few mm larger than the central feed opening to prevent popcorning, and hopefully help with distributing beans through to the funnel into the burrs.

I do not own a 3D printer, so I commissioned a user on Reddit to print the parts for me. Once I receive them, assemble the hopper, and test it out, I will make any necessary tweaks to the design, and then I will upload the design to thingiverse so that others who are after a single dosing solution for the 804 may take advantage of it. I will also report back here with pictures of the hopper on my grinder, and the performance of it.


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Thank you very much for this design!


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Following as I need this in my life

atreuhttam (original poster)

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For anyone who may be interested, the person who is printing the prototype for me said he will be printing it sometime today. He is local to me so I should have it in the next few days.

He has been selling single dose Sette 270 hoppers on Reddit. If I like the performance of the hopper, I will give him permission to print and sell them to anybody who may want to purchase one for their grinder, who may not have 3D printer access.


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It would also be nice if this could be designed with both DF64 bellows and LC bellows in mind

atreuhttam (original poster)

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By LC, I assume you are referring to Levercraft? I just looked up their bellows, and I actually think I like it even more than the DF64 bellows! I was initially after a shorter bellows than the DF64 to provide more clearance under my cabinets, but couldn't find anything and settled on the DF64. It looks like the Levercraft bellows might just solve that problem!

They state in the description that it fits a 58mm neck. I will design an additional funnel piece, that is sized to fit the LC bellows and make it available.

Thank you for mentioning that bellows!


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the LC bellows is slightly different in that it needs more clearance under it since it can be pushed down and opened to let the beans fall through as demonstrated https://levercraftcoffee.com/products/d ... 1-delivery.

atreuhttam (original poster)

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I've designed a new ring that does not have the center disc, as it would get in the way, and should not be necessary since the LC bellows closes at the bottom, which serves the same purpose as the disc in the DF64 ring.


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I think if you just raise the ring or lower the anti popcorn thing it would work.

Does your design use the metal disk at the bottom of the hopper?

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I hacked together version of this with moldable plastic.

Your version looks much more professional :mrgreen:

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