Ditting 804 Single Dose Hopper - Page 5

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#41: Post by jb-0101 »

Rajbang - yours are the old cast burrs and there's a definite flat spot on those. Gilbert's are the machines ones and they don't really have a flat spot so much harder to see.


#42: Post by Nawaf »

What a great job,
I really need this in my life,
How to reach one of this hoppers from out side USA,
Can you share the design to print it with my 3d printer ?
Really appreciate the time and effort you have spent on this design,


#43: Post by rajbangsa »

still interesting for the file anybody can reach out to op? :D

I pm others member that got the file and still go no reply :?


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Any news on the 807 version? Would be great :mrgreen: