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#81: Post by Sqrl »

Awesome, thanks. Please post a picture when able and let us know how many grams it will hold. I would not need any more than 70 gr.


#82: Post by cdo » replying to Sqrl »

Printed a simple prototype of the inner hopper without the outside wrapping, made it about 25mm tall and it roughly followed the slope of the stock hopper, It worked alright but would definitely need a lid, but as it was a quick print I didn't bother, I don't think it would hold 70g, maybe 40 at the max and you can't really make it wider without making it taller as beans will stick to the sides (an issue I have with the current hopper) when one does RDT. Really the stock hopper isn't that large for what it is and I don't forsee there being much space savings building a smaller hopper, I mainly wanted to for aesthetic reasons as my "lab sweet" is a 40 year old KF804.


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Thanks cdo.


#84: Post by cdo »

So I made some modifications because I thought I made mistakes in my original design, only to realise that I was correct the first time. So it will have to be printed again which took about 18h as I printed at .12mm layer height.

Overall it looks pretty good, I will print a lid as well once I get the hopper finished to my liking.Image