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Acavia wrote:Is that done by spritzing some water on the beans before putting them in hopper? If so, couldn't that cause corrosion over time?
means put some beans(about 1g or more) and grind before your main grinding
for get those old ground beans out

and rdt is totally fine to my grinders

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Acavia wrote:Is that done by spritzing some water on the beans before putting them in hopper? If so, couldn't that cause corrosion over time?
Beans are oily so the coffee itself protects the grinder.



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I have a 40 year old KF804 that i had powdercoated and sent the burrs off the SSP to be sharpened, just got it back together a week ago but so far so good. Retention seems to be quite low, though some grinds get stuck in the chute, I was blowing them out with a puffer but have since switched to giving it a good tap to loosen them. I doubt there is any difference between the lab sweet burrs and the OG cast burrs, you could try asking Nancy at Ditting though I am sure she could give you an idea.


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Thanks cdo, did you notice much difference in grind quality and flavor between the burrs pre sharpening and post sharpening?


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chicharo wrote: larger burr grinder like 1203 or vta6s
ssp guy said vta6s burr is slightly better than 1203 old cast burr and he said new machined burr is not that good.
Seems like he can't understand why ditting changed 1203's old cast burr to machined burr.
And he thinks vta6s burr is better than ek43 burr.
It's all about based on his opinions and as you know he makes burrs, I mean REALLY good burrs.
I ordered the KR804-modified. Ditting let me switch out the stock burrs for the cast 804-sweet burrs for burr price difference plus $50 for installation and testing.


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What would people recommend as a collection cup for ~25 to 30 grams of pour-over grind from a KR804-modified (shaker plate does not vibrate) that has the sweet burrs? I pre-rinse my V60 and other drippers so I would not want to grind into one. Unless people do not recommend them, I am interested in the small cup-like vessell that appear to be stainless steal that I noticed many barista using in 804 videos on youtube. What is that and is it recommended? Are they just stainless steal drinking cups with no lip? Or something special for ground coffee?

Until I find something, I will just try a clean, small coffee mug.


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So with sweet burrs, which are described as "The 804 Lab SWEET has a new cast steel grinding disc design that extract more flavor from the
coffee grounds without being bitter. You can also use less coffee per cup", you should be able to grind finer than normal without risking over-extraction as much?


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indend007 wrote: image

Both burrs look very similar to each other. Who can make images of these burrs on flat scanner?
Edit: I found pictures of Lab sweet burrs in some reviews and they look the same as mine:


https://www.kaffee-netz.de/threads/ditt ... ch.122201/

My original post:

I just got a Ditty 804 and the factory switched out the burrs for $140 - $90 for burr upgrade and $50 to switch them out. They were supposed to be the sweet burrs and the receipt states "GRIND DISCS 804 NEW SWEET". See attached pictures below.

Did I not get Sweet burrs? Someone please confirm so I can call Ditting about it.




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Great thread; I have a few questions.
1) A few of you have mentioned an ~ .3 retention; is that with or without RDT? How is the static with the Lab Sweet without RDT?

2) Has anyone tried removing the hopper that that comes w/ the 804's and 3D print a small funel/hopper for the top to reduce its height?



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I have very little retention, my scale is a bit iffy but I try to dose 20g in and always get 20g out with RDT, I'd say .3g retention max. I was meaning to 3d print a new hopper but forgot all about it as I don't really have any height restrictions. Printing a simple test fit hopper at the moment that is about an inch tall, will see how it goes I feel like I may want to have steeper sides.