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Cafillo wrote:May I ask what Gua model you have ?
burr diameter 65, 71 or 73?
Guatemala K32, 71mm, 1100W.


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NelisB wrote:How is retention of the Peak?
For espresso, retention is a little higher I think due to the K30 design and chamber. When placed in the Ditting 804, the PEAK burrs held back usually 0.3g or so for coarser settings.


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hi there, can one of you who ownes or owned the ek43 say sometging to flow behavior of ditting and ek in comparison? this is afaik a good indicator for uniformness...and btw: were your eks aligned or not?
thx for the input! considering to buy a ditting but not sure if it will exceed the ProM which is kind of an ek light....


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I think the EK43 is a little easier to use for espresso, and more people have figured out workflows on their bars or in their homes due to the EK's crazy popularity. The EK43 I owned was bought used but I aligned it as best as I could with shims and the Titus tool. I never tried the sanding method as I lost interest chasing the EK dragon and moved on. The shop I worked at had a brand new 2018 EK43, aligned at the Counter Culture Lab in town, which I used for comparison.

The EK43 for espresso on bar was not able to choke a La Marzocco Linea PB even on its finest setting. Shots tasted really good but would rarely ever run longer than 35-40 seconds. The Ditting by comparison, when set to "Turkish" or 100 microns, will without question choke a commercial espresso machine. I've had shot times of over 80 seconds. The Ditting can do the EKspresso style shot with sweetness and clarity too. I think the LAB SWEET/PEAK style burrs are even better as the body of shots is richer and the depth of flavor is nuts. Again, those were my visceral reactions after tasting.

I was happy with the EK for espresso but I didn't care for it on filter coffee as much. I had my Ditting (machined burrs) and EK43 side by side for pour-overs and cold coffees and enjoyed the Ditting more. When I tested the PEAK burrs in the Ditting I simply fell in love. I rarely experience that kind of emotional reaction to drinking coffee, and I don't recall having it when I drank coffee ground on the EK. Maybe blame the coffee, maybe blame the barista, I don't know. I have noticed that there are a lot of coffee shops around me that use EK's on bar and I don't think any of them really stand out or make the kind of coffee we read about, with buckets of sweetness and clarity and juiciness and crisp acidity and...
Interestingly enough at the Counter Culture Lab in Chicago, they use a Ditting 804 for their catalog/industry cupping despite having an EK43.

It seems like I'm really selling the Ditting here. I can't say what is best for you, or what you will like. I can tell you that there are other grinders that give the EK a run for its money and worth considering.

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Were any of the EK's you used equiped with SSP burrs?

The thing is, once the manufacturers got the alignment perfect, there will be not much difference if the grinder is a Mahkonig, Ditting or a Kafatek. Only the burr geometry will make a serious difference. Other factors that can influence the quality are: grind speed, bean feed (EK43), burr coating and material.

And of course different grinder designs will suit different users. Some people need to place the grinder under the kitchen cupboards, the looks, price, etc


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thx for the input! i finally went for the ek. there have been really differing feedbacks on the ditting/peak burrs compared to the ek and since i am a fan of clarity there has been a slight subjective majority saying that clarity is better on the ek. i really wish i could have both grinders in comparison :roll: :wink:

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Congrats! At the moment I would make the same choice. You can always change the burrs. SSP has 4 different sets for the EK and he can also supply a geometry on special request. I think the bean feed of the EK makes it unique for single dosing.

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I had an EK43S with stock coffee burrs. It could grind espresso at 0.3, burrs touch at 0. After I shimmed the burrs, it can grind espresso at 1.6, burrs touch at 0. I think it can choke any espresso machine easily. But the shimming method was still not good enough. I was not satisfied with the coffee and finally sold it. For pour over and espresso, the LAB SWEET performs much better. Mayber SSP burrs can save it for the coffee, but the EK43S still has other mechanical issues, so I did not want to try it anymore.

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I've been considering the 804 SWEET for a couple months now in an effort to be done obsessing over grinder upgrades (obsessing over roaster upgrades is much more healthy). It seems to check all of my boxes: reliability (I guess the model itself is new-ish, but ditting are not!), upgradability, perfect for cupping, able to do both espresso and drip grind repeatably, and it's 4 inches shorter than the EK43, so it will fit under my cabinets. Plus, from what I've read the 804 SWEET essentially shows up on your doorstep ready to go, no fussing needed. I know Mahlkonig has spent a lot of time and money improving the alignment and out of the box capabilities of the EK but I also know of several people who have them at home/in their shop and are constantly fiddling with it.

I do have two questions though:
1) What is the single dosing experience like? I started single dosing about 4-5 years ago and will never, ever go back. A couple people in this thread have mentioned the EK43 is better in this respect, but in what ways? If the 804 SWEET can at least compete on single dosing that's enough for me, but I'd like to double check.
2) What is the noise level? I have an SO and a roommate that wouldn't really appreciate me making my morning coffee routine any louder.

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bakafish wrote:, but the EK43S still has other mechanical issues, so I did not want to try it anymore.
What issues does it have?