Ditting 120mm SSP burr geometry and grounds distribution

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Hello Home baristas,
I have bought used 2008 ditting kr1203 with original cast burr set but It's hard to tell if the burrs are dull or not,
Two days later found SSP burrs for the same grinder with only 10kg ground went through them,
But I didn't understand stand the the direction of the teeth on the burrs, the sharp edges on two directions
Can anyone explain the picture for me :roll:

One more question,
How to use kruve sifter to analyze grind distribution and make graph as socratic graphs?
And how to use it to check if the burrs are good or not if they are perfectly aligned?
Thanks in advance


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The SSP 98mm HU LU and Brew, cast EK burrs and others (SSP 64mm Brew i think) work the same way, that they cut in the middle section where the teeth run sharp against each other (EK cast are dull so more random crush than cut) but not actually cutting at the finishing section, there the teeth run in the opposite direction to only let particles through and probably shape them as the go.

Nawaf (original poster)

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Got you,
Thank you ,