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Honestly, setting the burrs to the zero point while installing them was a revelation. I wish he posted those burr swap videos a long time ago because I used to think it was a two-person job: one to hold the burrs (with two hands) and one to tighten the screws.

I do not know why he says tighten 'until they don't spin freely.' That is pretty clearly a misstatement and I had to double take as well. In the video you can see he 'freely' spins the burr right after saying that. :shrug: What I do instead is tighten the burrs until the burr moves with the dial, so just a little past first touch. I think the other important component is how tight you have your screws at this point. Don't leave them too loose. Instead have them an 1/8-1/4 turn off fully screwed in so you can move them with your fingers turning the shaft of the hex wrench (finger tight).

Early on, I used to have trouble getting the bottom burr to sit right. It would take a few tries to get all three posts seating correctly and it is a PIA to get out when not in correctly. I guess over time things wore in and now it is, literally, a snap.

I stopped using the paper shims a long time ago. They were much more trouble than they were worth in my experience, at least with the Core and Ultra burrs which I swap regularly and can now do it in 5 minutes or so with a thorough cleaning.