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syc wrote:Meh, given the price, I don't mind a cheesy sticker.
Even the Ode and Varia VS3 has laser etched it's even cheaper and also made in China. I don't think the price is really the challenge.

The DF range is really the only one who doesn't and still uses stickers and is priced similarly to the Sculpture range from Timemore again they don't use stickers either.

It would improve the aesthetic if they did like everyone else, and while they are at it make an indicater that isn't an add on. Neither of these will cost much to implement.

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LObin wrote:Yeah I'm not sure why anyone would actually do a teardown on a brand new grinder. Maybe in 50 years as a yard sale find, restoration project...
You are grossly underestimating the coffee worlds desire to tinker. lol

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syc wrote:You'll need to step down the power from 110VAC to 19VDC.

These seem like a easier/cheaper way to experiment:
Curious, has anyone added something like this to their grinder with good results? If so, this could be interesting to add to my old grinder, presumably with probe near where the coffee exits the grinder to reduce static?

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I got mine the other day, however someone on the GB DF83 group already experimented with a quick mod using their ionizer and found that it eliminated the static charge for grinds coming out of the chute. https://www.facebook.com/groups/df83gri ... 756500920/
I have updates, I installed the ion generator in the camper chute, note I only use the grinder for
espresso but I had a lot of static still doing rdt, I made two holes and put the generator at a distance
between each probe considering the fellow ode 2 grinder, I installed the generator so that it turned on
with the switch, and visually it generates something haha, I have tried it this week and the static around
my grinder and my dosing cup is over. about the retention it was having a very big inconsistency but I
guess it was due to the declumper, I opened it as wide as I could and now I have close to zero retention.
It's a good test but I'll wait for the V2 kit
Joe Kolb also mentioned that he got the ionizer retrofit kits the other day and that he will shortly be making them available for people to buy. I'm going to wait on this kit instead of modding my DF83.

However, now that I have this ionizer, it inspired me to resurrect my Mazzer Robur single dosing mod. I have some firefighting to do at home, but will hopefully have some news in a couple of weeks.

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V2 is a pretty good upgrade over v1, but I'm going to wait until the anti-popcorn, tilted holder and wire coming out of back are standard (hopefully V3!), like it is with the df64V grinder.

I don't see why I need to pay an extra $40 for anti-popcorn and tilted holder (and still near the ugly looking wire on the side). It's a less than ideal workflow without these built in the price. I don't mind the bellows (in fact I like them), but I feel the others should be standard at this price point. Even the niche duo seems to come without anti-popcorn when it's older cousin (niche zero) came with one.

Or perhaps Turin will launch a "v" sub-line of df83 grinder (df83v) that includes Brushless motor, DLC burrs, variable speed, anti-popcorn and cable from the back line 64v does. I'd definitely buy that if it comes out. If the "plasma generator" from df83v2 is included it'll be an icing on top!

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Hi folks,
I read earlier that SSP would be coming out with their own take on Ditting Lab Sweet burrs in 83mm. Is this the one? Or is it still to come? If that's the one, anyone to share their experience? I can't seem to find any info on this. I have zero interest in espresso anymore, so I'm curious how it works in DF83 for brewing purpose. Thanks for any info!

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That's not it. They call the one you're looking for 83mm Mazzer Lab Sweet in their webshop: http://www.espressotool.com/?idx=3

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Folks who bought the v2, can you tell what the "upgraded declumper" design is referring to? Is it still plastic like v1 or metal declumper?

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Plastic but a single sheet instead of 2 like on the V1. Different shape too. You can see the new declumper that comes with the V2 upgrade kit, here:
https://www.turingrinders.com/products/ ... erator-kit
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I've had the DF83v2 for several weeks, and it seems to be performing quite well. Inserting the portafilter into the holder, and using the included funnel, it works quite well. There is some retention that requires the bellows pump. Using the standard burrs for now.
Anyone one here move to the HU burrs? I assume a variable 83 version will come out pretty soon, although that will require coming up with a more powerful DC motor. Anyone care to speculate on differences of a variable 64 unit and the DF83 with HU for espresso?