Df83 with the SSP HU burrs vs the world

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Sorry about the dramatic title :D but what I meant is - how does the df83 v2 with the ssp hu burrs upgrade stack up against the titan grinders of today like the eg-1, monolith max, p100 and the Titus nautilus in terms of the grinds it produces particularly for light roasts?
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It doesn't HU are an improvement with a brighter
more modern interpretation of the classic espresso burr.

Eg1 Ultra are high clarity burr you barely do other then long pulls on, the different 98mm by large are all equipped with some sort of either Cast or machined clarity & separation focused burr. Some do lower ratio espresso others basically only longer pull. It's very different to the 83 HU. Kafatek is more in their profile closer to the Lab Sweet burrs a burr you can use on EG1 you need the Cast/LS 83 for something similar.

The closest the HU comes are probably to the Weber base burr.

There is one that theoretically could be a more of a mach the ssp 83 MP this should deliver the clarity and separation much closer to the bigger burrs, but it's a very different cut and geometry so the question is where it ends.

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So u mean the df83 with 83mm ssp HU burrs will taste like clearer traditional burrs without approaching the clarity and separation of the titan grinders equipped with ssp burrs at 98mm?
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Yes I tasted those so that's definitely my interpretation, even Lance say these are a modern interpretation of the classic espresso burr.

That's why SSP has come out with the MP that is meant to be the clarity burr. The Cast that is meant to be the Juicy more balanced burr settings in between those two.

I personally would not consider the HU because I don't think price gives enough of an edge to the much cheaper mazzer burr, especially as you can get one that also add some brightness 151H

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Thanks for the information malling
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This is Hansung's own take on all three 83mm SSP burrs:

I've had a well seasoned HU set in my DF83 for the last 3 months or so. Malling has repeatably said that he prefers light and very light roasted coffees and tends to prefer burr sets that are clarity forward. While I like and drink funky, light coffees, I also move up and down the roast scale and appreciate some level or roasted taste, in a milk drink mostly.

I would personally not discriminate the HU and suggest they are too close to the stock Italmill's and Mazzer espresso to be worth the $. After all, Lance, in his DF83 review, raved about them while mentioning that the stock burrs were ok but not necessarily his style. He mentioned the 83mm HU again in his 2nd Sculptor video saying that basically the 78S don't beat them, au contraire.
In all fairness, I can't say how they stack up against larger 98 burr sets since I never owned a Flat Max or something similar.
I thought they were quite punchy with much more clarity and less muted acidity vs the Italmill's. They aren't thin like the 64mm MP but somewhere in the middle between Italmill and 64mm MP.

I actually just sold mine since I'm convinced my path is leading me to the Lab Sweet style.

Back to using the stock burrs for now which can give very pleasant results tbh.

Until there are more 83mm SSP LS reviews, I'm going to try these Boyt Compak E8 version:

Price is worth the experiment and the geometry looks... Intriguing.

Hope this helps!
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The HU are closer to classic profile then these are closer to the clarity burr even Lance indirectly state this;
HU elevate the coffee of stock burrs... elegant and balanced espresso, with acidity that rings without loosing harmony
In other words a modern interpretation of classical espresso burrs.

It's also not exactly a cast profile either that are incredibly juicy, with complexity, regain much of the body and tend to strike a balance of acidity and clarity somewhere in between the two other type of profiles.

In truth HU is somewhere in between the Italmill/Mazzer and the LS Cast burr type of profiles.

I'm not going to compare to 64-65mm burrs as those are generally more category specific.

Also I don't think Lance really rave them, he more points that in his preference for espresso of the 83mm burr available at that time (Cast and MP not available), but I also know he prefers Core burrs in this size category above all for espresso.


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I tend to agree about the modern interpretation of classical espresso burrs.
Not exactly sure where Lance would classify them on his imaginative scale though.
Definitely not MP either like you said (at least 64mm since very few have tested the 83mm version yet) since these are more niche I'd say.

Hansung's profile description is a bit hard to grasp to be fair. He did tell me in DM that the HU produced less fines amd more clarity/less body then his new LS version. It's not exactly what I remember from my experience with shots from Mahlkonig Peak but it's hard to contradict the designer, especially when I haven't compared all 3 versions.

I do however disagree when you claim they are not worth the upgrade over the stock burrs. For some, many actually, they are. For others not. Just like for me, the MP would likely be a step in the wrong direction.
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The reason I don't think they are worth it is not because of performance, but more that the value proportion is less then other burrs because of the relative modest change in the cup.

It is just lot to spend on something that dos not noticeably change the profile, I fully agree with Lance that many probably cannot notice a large enough difference between the HU and stock that they would be able to pick it out in cupping.

For same amount you can get a clarity focused burr or a cast set that are much more different then stock burrs, meaning you get far more of a noticeable change in the profile for same investment.

This becomes very important in 78-83mm burr as we are not taking $180-200 but $350-400 of upfront payment. This is an amount equal to a grinder, it's just lots to pay for relative modest change in profile. I want people to get the most out of investment and I just don't think HU dos that, especially not with the two new burrs I cannot imagine would be other then more different.

Hansung are much darker in what he toss through them from what I seen in IG and been told by some manufacturers who uses his burrs.


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Hansung said he uses light roast in testing