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#11: Post by Marcelnl »

my usual roast is medium, so definitely no battery acid style roast but also no dark roast
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#12: Post by Marcelnl »

so far my results are pretty good, no clumping and a minimal amount of leftover in the chute inside the grind chamber, perhaps the SSP burr set makes the difference in clumping?
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#13: Post by Marcelnl »

quick update: was having some issues with channeling so reverted to grinding into a small bowl and doing WDT then using a funnel to load the basket. Seems to do the trick, if anything there is some clumping due to static, I don't see real clumps. All is fine now.
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#14: Post by Franklin »

Nonprophet wrote:Just wanted to give a shout-out to Daniel Wong with WYS [https://home-doserless.com/] for his wonderful design and great customer service.
How ironic that I am also in Eugene! Just sent Daniel an email to find out the different shipping times for "postal vs, "EMS" shipping. I am impressed with the very low retention. Just may be the thing for giving my recently acquired older SJ a new life.


#15: Post by Nonprophet » replying to Franklin »

Hello fellow Eugenian! He's great to work with--I literally ordered on Xmas day and received the package a mere 2 days later!
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#16: Post by Jakzon »

Got this a few months ago, delighted with it!
Certain darker roasts can have slight clumping.

2-3 drops of water onto the beans before grinding has resolved this completely for me.


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just wanted to add to the discussion.
I just made an order from Daniel last week and it arrived today in the mail.
Very impressed with the overall process.
Communication was top notch, parts were incredibly well packaged with individual identification.
The order also came with very clear and concise coloured instructions.
I could not be happier with my purchase.
I definitely recommend checking out his website if you are considering modifying your grinder.

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#18: Post by davidc9057 »

Did you have to pay import taxes or anything? If so how was that handled?


#19: Post by tayloreley » replying to davidc9057 »

I did not have to pay any import taxes (US-UT) on mine but I believe Daniel sent an email about that possibility when he shipped mine and had some basic instructions about how that might be handled.


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likewise, all depends on the country.
if you are not sure about taxes etc, you can always contact Daniel directly.