Damage espresso grinder burrs by adjusting them too close?

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#1: Post by ultrabean »

I normally use my Rocky for espresso but needed to grind for drip the other day. Next morning when I was re-adjusting back to espresso grind I mistakenly adjusted it below the zero ...down to about -6 (that's minus 6). Does anyone know if it's possible to damage the burrs by adjusting them too close? It seems to be still grinding nicely but I thought I'd ask just in case.


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#2: Post by Kristi »

not unless you leave them there and grind away for a minute. The noise would drive you crazy!

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#3: Post by HB »

The sharp cutting edges should not be damaged because they are below the burrs' parallel faces:

From Grinder burr types explained
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#4: Post by Kristi »

Nice pic! and VERY nice thread link! :D