A couple of Baratza Sette 270 questions

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#1: Post by DanielJ »

Any Sette 270 owners here who switch back and forth between espresso and pourover/drip grinds daily? If so, have the parts held up to those daily changes, or are you having to replace any of them frequently? The reason I ask is I understand the Sette has quite a few plastic parts, and I found that to be the weak point of my Virtuoso.

Also, I know the Sette grinder is designed mainly for espresso but are you also happy with its pourover grinds?


#2: Post by tennisman03110 »

I've tried mine for pourover. It's pretty bad, considering it's relatively good for espresso. Not even Baratza recommends it for drip/V60, that should say something.

It's got too many fines on the coarser side settings. Prone to clogging. My Encore, stock burrs or after the M2 upgrade, is a much better option.

And really, changing the setting sounds like a pain. If your budget is tight, I'd look for a decent hand grinder.

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DanielJ (original poster)

#3: Post by DanielJ (original poster) »

My wife and I go back and forth between espresso for me and and pourover for her each morning. We always single-dose the grinder and alternate between different varieties of beans, which I home roast in smallish 150g batches.

I was considering the Sette 270 because it's reportedly great for our kind of single dosing usage but I was also hoping it could handle both grind types well. Countertop real estate is at a premium in our kitchen and I prefer having just one grinder taking up space. I've been using a Virtuoso for years but it retains more grounds than I like, and the plastic mechanical parts don't last long enough with the frequent grind changes we're doing now.


#4: Post by tennisman03110 »

So you're buying new? What about the Vario, if you want to stick with Baratza. And want a dual-purpose grinder.

What you're going to hear from most people, however, is two grinders is the way to go for the long run.

DanielJ (original poster)

#5: Post by DanielJ (original poster) »

I doesn't need to be Baratza. I was just persuaded by various reviews that the Sette 270 is very good for single dosing, and I hadn't seen the same said about the Vario.

The Niche Zero looks like an even nicer upgrade, though. I'll admit I haven't been shopping for grinders in a while and I don't know if that one is even available in the U.S.A. The options to order outside of the EU are greyed out on Niche's website.


#6: Post by mdurepos »

I own a Sette 270 that I recently bought used. My wife likes a little cappuccino in the morning but loves to tote a big travel mug full of drip coffee when she leaves for work.

My Sette died only two days after I bought it as the previous owner had ground the (plastic) gears down significantly. Baratza have amazing customer service and are sending me a full replacement assembly free of charge.

That said, I don't think the change in grind size had anything to do with it. The mechanism for adjusting grind size is quite independent of any likely troublesome parts.

I can't speak to the quality of the grind for pourover (or even drip). I can just confirm that my wife was happy with it. Considering that she could care less about the details and that we don't agree at all on coffee taste, I'd hate to recommend the grinder if your coarse grind needs are more strict.

When I get my Sette up and running again in a few days I'll return here and post some photos (maybe including some macro shots) so that you can judge the coarse grind for yourself. I'm too inexperienced to judge it.


#7: Post by jasiano »

I use a Sette 270 at home. Great for espresso, and yes very good for single dosing as I've found retention is normally 0.2g or less, the trick I find helps is once the beans are all ground, stop the grinder, then pulse for another second or 2 which dislodges the rest.

I have tried it for pour over - not great. On the coarsest setting (I do have 1 shim installed) the grind is about the right size but a lot of fines. The bed at the end in the v60 is a bit muddy and there is usually a hint of bitterness.
I haven't ordered their supposed made for pour over brew burrs (S2) because I've also ordered some other grinders that should arrive in the next couple months so I'll end up using those instead for pour over.

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#8: Post by mbeck »

FYI just got a notice from Niche that orders will open tomorrow 9/22 6pm GMT. I have one on the way to replace my Vario, with which I've been pretty frustrated. Hopefully it's a worthwhile upgrade.


#9: Post by cmin »

tennisman03110 wrote:So you're buying new? What about the Vario, if you want to stick with Baratza. And want a dual-purpose grinder.

What you're going to hear from most people, however, is two grinders is the way to go for the long run.
Vario sucks for that, best left to one use or other, that switch puts insane wear and tear and settings go wack (except Forte stouter build). Plus the ceramic set is god awful for anything but espresso. Steel burr Vario is killer for 'Spro though.

Need two grinders. Or ball out on an Monolith, EG etc that can switch back and forth reliably and top notch grind quality all around.

I've got an Df64 coming for hell of it just to play with and see, leaving stock burrs for now. For the $, that might be the game changer for many that want one grinder that can handle the full gamut. I would look into the DF64 as I don't see any grinder near that price point touching it for espresso or pour over etc, especially since you have various burr options including SSP variants.

Sette forget about, that things a pos, went through 4, and one I replaced damn near every part to wear it was full rebuilt including gear box Baratza sent, and motor at one point. Buddy went through 3 Settes, just keep dying or breaking parts left and right. Vario was way better for espresso anyway, and I still have one Vario that's from like 2012 that works flawlessly. Sette is useless for brew anyway, I was even sent the brew burr by Baratza to try initially, and was honest with them, that it sucked lol. A steel burr Vario will destroy a brew burr Sette, heck an Encore/Virtuoso is better.

DanielJ (original poster)

#10: Post by DanielJ (original poster) »

mbeck wrote:FYI just got a notice from Niche that orders will open tomorrow 9/22 6pm GMT.
Thank you, I'm going to try to get in on it. It's exactly what I was hoping the Sette 270 could do when I started this thread but the feedback here suggests it probably isn't the best choice. Niche Zero looks like it would fit my situation perfectly and I'm overdue for an upgrade anyway.

Update: The order window is open and I bought one which is due to ship in November. Many thanks again for posting that.