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baldheadracing wrote:420 can be hardened after machining, but I don't see them touting that.
The plastic OmniCup product page claims 55HRC, but who knows.

I think it's a matter of how 'wear out' is defined. I did get less extraction with a few years old Italmill burrs used with RDT compared with new ones that were also coated. The difference in flavor was small however and the old ones did just fine.

According to Helor, their 101 "conventional" burr is made of martensitic stainless steel rated 54-58 HRC and is suggested to be replaced for optimal performance every 1-2 years, curiously enough. The 64 HRC "contemporary" burr is suggested to be replaced every 2-3 years. The pricing is reasonable so hopefully it's not a scheme to keep a steady revenue.

From personal experience, it took me a whole year of home use to season what I believe might be an identical "conventional" burr in a Timemore G1 and I think it just improved, but have no way of measuring that.


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Has anyone here tried the Omnicup grinder yet?

The plastic version seems to be pretty lightweight, so I'm considering it as a second grinder that could also work for the office / travel.

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I'm not thrilled by finding marketing on that grinder that headlines "[C40 technology] Omnicup Professional Hand Grinder NitroBlade Coffee". Riding on another's coattails doesn't sit well with me.