Converting Rossi RR45 to doserless

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Will Tamper

#1: Post by Will Tamper »

I came across an old thread where some one was asking about this topic so I thought I would post up. I have a refurbished, re-badged (Gallo D'oro), Rossi RR45 and for a while I had been wanting to convert it to doserless. The doser makes sense if you are grinding a lot of beans but for making a few shots every morning it wasted a fair amount. I looked into the stainless steel funnels and a few other DIY methods until I came across the Shapeways solution. All I can say is it works well and I certainly waste much less then running the doser. I had to create a gasket in order to utilize to original hardware but that was easy and worked great.

Now, I just need to find a short or single dose hopper for this thing. The hopper on it is huge! :)



#2: Post by johncalvinyoung »

Cool, the Shapeways mod looks pretty nice. Which material did you get it printed in? I pulled the hopper off mine and just use the neck with the sliding door as my single-dose hopper. Still haven't gotten around to hard-wiring the magnetic safety sensor, mine's just hanging off the back of the machine with a ring magnet clipped to the sensor.