Conical Burr size - difference in the cup?

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#1: Post by lukas_peters »

Currently I'm using the KinuM47 and can't help but notice the attractive price of the Webber HG-1 I see from time to time so
the big question is how much of a difference will the larger burrs make in the taste? Ascetics and ease of use aside as much as I love
the look of the Webber I want a more upward then lateral move.

I prefer the lighter fruity and funky espressos so is this even something I should entertain or hold off and save up for some end-game flat burr beast like the Lagom P100 ?

thanks all.


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#2: Post by TigerStripes »

I have used the m47 and niche zero extensively and can't I'd be able to tell them apart in a blind tasting. I haven't used the mazzer major burrs but it's tough to imagine they'd be a big step up from where you are now. I'd say hold off and get a big flat eventually.
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