Cone to flat burr disappointment

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I recently went from a cone burr (Encore and SD40) to a flat burr (DF64 gen 2) and am a little disappointed in the brews I am getting. Using Clever brewer. I seemed to have lost the sweetness and body, which I enjoy over clarity ( I think). Is there a trick to getting those back without burr swap? If burr swap is needed, which ones? I use for both brew and espresso. I use medium light roasts.

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The burrs in Df aren't even that clarity focused and stock are not really true filter burrs either the problem with many non-filter burrs is that the brew can be quite blended, easily get astringent and generally a bit boring those with bit better clarity can be used but generally still not marvelous at it, but yeah perhaps a tad cleaner than what you came from. That said the newer in house DLC is a bit of jack of all trades master of nothing. There are a few filter capable burrs the SSP UM (the original version before MP) for clarity focused brew, MP can be used but dos sacrifice a tad compared with the other. Then there is the LS/Cast V2 for more juicy/sweet more complexity and body and the Fellow Ode v2 for a more body, blended traditional experience. I don't know if the latter works in the Df64 g2 though.

Most of the other are espresso burrs, the Sculpture 064 brew burrs aren't something you easily get again no guarantee it actually fit the grinder but is also 64mm as well.

Those are roughly speaking the 4 burrs, although there is Gorilla as well, but I most admit those are to distant memory to truly recall how those was.

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LS sounds like the sweet spot for OP for body but still decent clarity. Do know that you'll need at least a few pounds through to season the burrs. So if these are brews right out of the box then they certainly arent optimal yet.

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Neither Encore* nor SD40 are known for great brew. Maybe you just need to grind finer to get back to something more like what you were used to?

*which burrs were in yours?

Here's a pretty good rundown of the Clever: ... ds-recipe/
My own experiences don't really line up, but I do think it's helpful to let it steep for a long time.