Conclusive/Reputable side by side comparison of 80 and 98mm burrs?

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Hey all, I have a gridner that takes 80mm burrs which I really like, but I have recently tasted a set of 98mm burrs that also had a different geometry, and would like to explore that taste profile more.

My grinder uses cast burrs (807 lab sweet), while the one I tasted was the post-2015 EK43, so I guess a set of HU burrs.

I want to get a set of same HU burrs in 80mm and explore them, but my worry is that the size difference is what contributed to the taste profile more, than the geometry itself. Or, that at least it contributed enough, that I will not be able to get the same taste profile in 80mm at all.

Is there any source of A/B comparison of burrs with same geonetry (whatever the geometry is does not matter) but different sizes - 80 and 98 mm?

I only do filter with light roasted coffees if that matters for the sake of discussion.

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Definitive? No. The only thing that is definitive is your own taste preferences evaluated on a given set of coffees, water, gear, and technique.

Probably thousands of opinions on 80 and 98 mm burr sets. The best burr sets among these all have their fans. While there are some that are generally considered to be uninspiring, there is no universal "winner".

There is no such thing as the same burr in different sizes. Even if somehow scaled, coffee beans don't change size when fed into a different grinder.

Post 2015 EK has at least three variants I know of that are thought to taste different. 98 HU is yet another burr set. Looking at the EG-1 opinions are probably a good way to get a feel of what is available in that size.

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#3: Post by EvanOz85 »

maxmaut wrote:the one I tasted was the post-2015 EK43, so I guess a set of HU burrs.
Not sure what you mean? Post-2015 EK43 and SSP HU are two entirely different sets of burrs.

What types of coffees do you drink and at what degrees of roast?

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For some reason I thought stock post-2015 would fall into a high uniform category, but I guess I was wrong, and it's probabnly closer to multi-purpose.

I think I need to re-phrase my question. Thge premise is I want to explore the taste profile I have tasted. Assume it was 98mm multi-purpose burrs.

Would there be a perceivable difference in the cup between for example SSP multi-purpose 80mm and SSP multi-purpose 98mm burrs? Did anyone actually ever compare the two in some sort of a blind test?

All I find on this forum or youtube is comparison between 98mm and 64mm, and the consensus seems to be the difference is there, but it's small. I would assume 80 and 98 would have even more minute difference, but wanted to make sure.

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Haven't tested them side-by-side but I've never had better shots from 98mm than I can make with 80mm at home. If there's a difference it's small and different burrsets will give greater differences.

If you're looking at high clarity burrs than buy the 80mm SSP HU as they're nearly the same as the Ultra burrs from LWW. They used to be exactly the same but SSP changed them a bit but that doesn't make them very different to what they where.

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Unfortunately the names between burr sets in each category, 80mm and 98mm do not correlate. In other words, 98mm HU is not necessarily the same geometry as 80mm HU. I believe the only one which crosses categories is the Lab Sweet.

Also the Post 2015 98 burr can be considered a multi purpose burr in that it doesn't focus on one specific brew method but this is still different than an SSP Multi Purpose burr, which is an actual burr in 64mm.

I would recommend looking at the 80mm burr discussion thread as there is a lot of great info in it.