Comparing Monolith MC3 to MC4 and beyond

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#1: Post by baristainzmking »

Hey everyone,

I have always wondered about the differences between the MonCon grinders and would love to compare the MC3 to MC4 or even earlier generation if you have them. Has that been done already? Would anyone be interested in having a get together to compare the different MonCons? I am in San Francisco and have an MC4 with TIN burrs. :D

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#2: Post by mivanitsky »

The design rationale of MC4 was to increase somewhat the clarity of output of the 71mm Mazzer burrset, while not excessively compromising the mouthfeel/body of the shot. This is accomplished in the cup characteristics of the two grinders. The effect is similar to what happens with the Niche Zero with NFC Disc, though the effect is greater on the Niche. Bean feed to the main burrs is slowed, and grind process over time is more uniform. The effects on the particle distribution curve is slight narrowing of the distribution, without substantive change to the modality.

For most people, a change from MC3 to MC4 will be a minimal upgrade, which will only be noticed with pretty light roasts.

baristainzmking (original poster)
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#3: Post by baristainzmking (original poster) »

Hey Mike,

Thanks for you input, much appreciate it. The shots with MC4 have been stellar and the cortados and flat whites have been delicious with medium and medium dark roasts.

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#4: Post by richinla »

MC3 owner here. Quick follow up question for Mike. With medium to dark roasts, would you say the change in mouthfeel/body from MC3 to MC4 is noticeable (if not excessive)?

baristainzmking (original poster)
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#5: Post by baristainzmking (original poster) » replying to richinla »

It's too bad you are in SOCal, we could do our own comparison...

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#6: Post by dmw010 »

As the owner of an original MonoCon, I'd love to know how it compares to the current MC4.


#7: Post by BaristaBob » replying to dmw010 »

I'm with Dave...I'd like to know how my second generation MC (straight drop/68mm TiN burrs) compares in the cup to the MC3 (tilt and 3mm larger burrs) and MC4 (tilt/pre "grind"/controlled feeding)? Any comparo's out there?
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#8: Post by bakafish » replying to BaristaBob »

I have no idea why the conical burr grinder using the tilt design. It results to about 0.3g grind retentions on the tilt outer burr. The Mr Puff cannot solve this with or without the first stage grinding inner burr, only the rocket air blower can. If I didn't clean it, sometimes it accumulated too much and fell out at the same time which leaded to my coffee ground always more or less than the beans poured. The straight design MC1 and MC2 do not have this issue.

I cannot taste the difference with and without the first stage grinding inner burr with the medium to dark roasts, not side by side though, with the uncoated Mazzer burrs.

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#9: Post by blondica73 »

I had a MC4 and sold it last year and just got another one as I would like to have a conical grinder that looked sleek and not too noisy. I wanted to grab a MC3; however, no luck yet.


#10: Post by bakafish » replying to blondica73 »

I used 11 washers to convert my MC4 to MC3 for easily removing retentions.
inner diameter: 12mm
outer diameter: 19mm
thickness: 1mm

But as said above, I am still not satisfied with the retentions, so I made it straight like the MC1 and MC2 and removed the safty cap for easily poring the beans.

After making it straight, I found that there is no retentions on the outer burr and very easy to purge the retentions by using the puff, so I put the first stage grinding inner burr back, just for not losing the parts. I had ever removed the Mazzer inner burr to test the first stage grinding speed and found that it is much faster than the second stage grinding, so the crushed beans still accumulated on the second stage burrs, and the first stage grinding cannot be used for limiting the feed rate. The grinding time, extraction flow rate and extraction yield were the same with and without the first stage grinding. I don't think it acts like the Niche Zero NFC disk.