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JohnB. wrote: I do use the grind set screw as the upper burr holder will move some when the grinder starts if it isn't tightened.

K10 grind adjustment handle

hey john

is the OEM grind adjustment just a long metric screw (do you know the size BTW) that digs into the aluminum ring (in blue arrow), is there any concern with damaging to that aluminum if you screw it in too hard?

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The grind adjustment stop screw assy. is part #K01344C & consists of 2 parts. The partially threaded shaft with knurled top #K03061 & the nylon stop by #K01729.
The nylon stop screws onto the small threaded end of the shaft. Give Chris Coffee Service a call & ask if they can order the assy. from Compak.

If you want to make your own that is a 5mm threaded insert in your collar. Looks to be either a .75 or .80 thread pitch. The length of the shaft with stop is 1&5/8" measured below the small step portion of the knurled knob.
Parts diagram ... c_PB_D.pdf

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thank you john

you've been a great help.

i was able to get my grinder cleaned and put back together.

weird my machine had a stock aluminum cap where the stop screw is rather than an actual screw. perhaps the old version (2008) didn't have it then? i'll email to see the price of the stop screw, otherwise I'll get one from the hardware store to tide me over.


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Hi barqy, I recently got a 2008 compak k10 wbc also. Did you take the bottom of the doser apart? My doser handle is making some noise and may just need a good lube. I want to lube the spring mechanism but am afraid if I take it apart I'll have hard time putting it back. Thanks!