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I can always tell that I didn't brush thoroughly enough at the end of my last session because on my first shot, if I'm real thorough, I get about .5-1g more coffee in my basket than I had weighed.

I've started brushing and pulsing until I feel I've gotten it all out, but I'm usually about .3 grams out on the first shot so I've started making up for that in my bean weight. 3 pulses may be sufficient for subsequent shots to the first shot because it seems that I can get more coffee more easily. Might be due to the stuff that's caught deep in between the vanes that I didn't get out on the first shot. I've started a new habit where I weigh at least .3g more than I'd like per shot.

My cleaning routine is very similar to yours, other than using a grinder brush. I even clean out the doser, I think if you don't clean it regularly it'll get murky and gross. Plus I like the bottom of the doser to look pristine.

The 6g or so I alluded to isn't necessarily a consistent thing. The waste is mostly coming from me getting used to what I need to do to work WITH the grinder, like weighing an extra .3g per shot to get my target grind weight. I also drop coffee sometimes... maybe all the time. :lol: I should have been clear that the 6g or so include the grinds on sitting on the base of my k10, not all retained grinds.
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